Profile of the Graduate

During his seven, six, or four years at McQuaid Jesuit, a student should grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He should come to realize he is invited to follow Jesus and work with Him to build God’s kingdom on earth. Just as the motto of all Jesuits is “For the Greater Glory of God,” the students should come to the same orientation of making choices that honor God by doing the greater or better good. Specifically, the student should be marked by a number of characteristics.

Intellectually Competent

A McQuaid Jesuit graduate is highly educated in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. He is trained in powers of reasoning, imagination, expression, freedom of choice and value formation, and sensitive and appreciative of aesthetics. With this background, he is beginning to become both confident of success and capable as a leader in service to others.


A McQuaid Jesuit graduate is able to move beyond self-interest or self-centeredness in his relationship with others. His relationships deepen as he accepts and cherishes other people, and he begins to integrate his concerns, feelings, and sexuality into his whole personality.


A McQuaid Jesuit graduate is motivated by love of God and others in such a way that his decisions in life are being made more for the glory of God and service to his community than for his own perceived needs.

Open to Growth

A McQuaid Jesuit graduate understands the Jesuit credo that it is more important to learn how to learn, to desire to go on learning through life, and to come to a deeper appreciation of the richness of God and his creation. Consequently, he strives for an ongoing development of imagination, feelings, conscience and intellect, and he recognizes new experiences as opportunities to further his growth.

Committed to Justice

A McQuaid Jesuit graduate understands Jesuit education teaches that the ultimate goal in developing one’s talents – the gifts from God – is not self-gain but the good of the human community. In light of this realization, he is developing the attitude of mind that sees service to others as more self-fulfilling than success.