Why All Boys?

The single-sex model is a tested, proven approach to education popular in hundreds of schools around the country, both public and private. Research confirms that boys and girls learn differently; we know how to embrace those differences through an educational model that is distinctly attuned and beneficial to the rhythms of adolescent life. Competition, rivalry, hands-on learning, and energy are some of the hallmarks that characterize successful boys’ education.

Additionally, adolescence can be a time of turbulence, questioning, and formidable peer pressure. An all-boys setting allows students to be themselves without worrying about what girls think, pursuing interests and talents regardless of social stereotyping.

Of course, simply being an all-boys’ school doesn’t guarantee success. Leadership from adults who understand the responsibility of teaching boys to become Great Men of character is essential. Our Ignatian heritage insists that the process of education take place in a moral as well as an intellectual framework. It calls for the reverence of the dignity of each individual and urges students to uphold integrity and respect in dealing with all people.