President’s Welcome

“The task of our Jesuit educational institutions is to help younger generations find their place in the world and before God, so they can project their personal and social development, helping to build a better world.”

Arturo Sosa, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Since 1954, McQuaid Jesuit has been engaged in the 450-year Jesuit educational mission that seeks to “create great men” who go forth as leaders in government, law, education, business, health care, church, and countless other fields. Our vision is rooted in the spirituality of Saint Ignatius Loyola, the fifteenth century Spaniard who founded the Society of Jesus, and in the global educational network of schools that emerged from it. Ignatius believed that God engaged human beings directly and uniquely. With this vision in mind, the human person necessarily becomes our focus, and all of creation – mathematics, science, language, culture, history, the arts – becomes a tool for us to help our students discover themselves and in the process experience God’s great love.

A Jesuit education does not stop there! We firmly believe that love is somehow incomplete without a proper response. In his Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius prods the “loved sinner” into a journey, a life, of response and action. Throughout our history, “brotherhood” and being “with and for others” have been key to the McQuaid Jesuit experience. Knowing one’s self as loved necessarily propels our men into the world and into all of its complexities. It is in this very world – with its joy and hope, grief and anguish – where a young man, like Jesus of Nazareth, seeks justice and peace, and therefore builds a better world.

This truly is a lofty but necessary mission.

On behalf of our 8,000 alumni and 865 students, welcome to McQuaid Jesuit. I hope the pages of this website show you a glimpse of the tremendous Jesuit mission we share. I also hope, by experiencing this site, you may join us one day on the corner of South Clinton and Elmwood where we have been “setting the world on fire” for more than 60 years!

Meet our President

Fr. Reiser assumed the presidency of McQuaid Jesuit July 1, 2014, becoming the school's 13th president. A native of Buffalo, Fr. Reiser attended Canisius High School and earned his bachelor of science in Accounting from Canisius College. Following his undergraduate studies, he joined the Society of Jesus in 1986. Along with teaching, Fr. Reiser has served many roles throughout his career, including director of Campus Ministry at Canisius High School, director of Vocations for the Society of Jesus in New York City, and president of St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City.