Affording McQuaid Jesuit

McQuaid Jesuit is committed to making a Jesuit education affordable to all students who qualify for admission. No family (no matter their level of income) pays 100 percent of the cost to educate a McQuaid Jesuit man. Tuition is just one of our streams of revenue, and it covers about 80 percent of total costs. Alumni and other donors graciously subsidize about $1.5 million in revenue through the Annual Fund, BASH, and other fundraising initiatives. An annual draw on the school’s endowment of about $400 thousand covers the rest.

2017-18 Tuition Data

In 2017-18, approximately 31 percent of McQuaid Jesuit students received financial aid, representing more than $2 million. The 2018-19 budget has been increased by an amount proportionate to the annual tuition increase. As such, we are committed to enabling students and their families make a Jesuit education possible. Please visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

With the help of our financial aid program, a Jesuit education at McQuaid Jesuit becomes affordable for all. The experience of our current families bears that out. The following data reflects the ranges of tuition paid by our families (grades 7-12) in 2017-18:

Minimum Tuition Average Tuition* Effective Tuition** Maximum Tuition
$2,500 $6,393 $11,620 $13,975

*For McQuaid students who qualify for financial aid
**For the entire McQuaid student body

2018-19 Tuition

Grade 6 Grades 7-11 Grade 12
$10,780 $14,520 $14,820

Seniors pay an additional graduation fee of $300, which covers among other things rental of the graduation tuxedo. This year’s tuition increased at about 3.9 percent, with a five-year average of about four percent.

Payment Plans

The following payment plans are available:

  • One-Payment Plan: Payment is due August 15. If not receiving financial aid and paying by cash or check (no credit cards), a $100 discount is available.
  • Semi-Annual Payment Plan: One half of the total balance is due August 15 and the other half on January 15. If not receiving financial aid and paying by cash or check (no credit cards), a $25 discount is available for each timely payment.
  • Eleven-Month Payment Plan: Payments are due on the 20th of each month beginning in July and running through May. This plan requires an electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a savings or checking account.

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