Pathways Program

Blending College Prep, Passion, and Purpose

“A Jesuit school is marked by a pedagogy that engages the world through a careful analysis of context in dialogue with experience, always open to evaluation through reflection for the sake of action.” – from “Our Way of Proceeding: Standards and Benchmarks for Jesuit Schools in the 21st Century”

Inspired equally by the tenets of Ignatian pedagogy and contemporary opportunities to engage students more deeply with their learning, McQuaid Jesuit is thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to the student experience: the “Pathways” Program.

Students in a Pathway intentionally pursue advanced elective coursework in a field that will strengthen their knowledge, skills, and college preparation. The program affords Knights the opportunity to bring additional coherence and integrity to their studies in junior and senior year.

After successfully applying for a Pathway in the second semester of sophomore year, students must meet the following requirements to earn Pathway recognition at the end of their senior year:

  • Enroll in and pass three (3) pre-qualifying courses as specified by the Pathway
  • Successfully complete a field placement of no less than 12 hours
  • Demonstrate regular involvement in a related co-curricular activity
  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of pre-approved service work related to the Pathway (or, alternatively, an approved related senior Capstone project)
  • Submit a summative, reflective portfolio and participate in the senior Pathway Gallery Walk and Reception

The program will launch with a pilot STEM Pathway cohort in the 2020-21 school year, with additional Pathways to follow.

For more information about the Pathways program, contact Principal Adam Baber at

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested students meet with their counselor to discuss the sustainability of pursuing a certain Pathway. Students then submit an application. If approved, the student’s counselor will then assist the student in mapping out the requirements necessary for Pathway completion.

Students can apply for a Pathway shortly after the start of the second semester of their sophomore year.

The program will launch in the 2020-21 school year with a pilot STEM Pathway cohort. Additional Pathways in the creative arts, entrepreneurship/business, and spirituality/service will become available in the future.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase and share their work at a gallery walk and reception in the spring of their senior year; will be recognized for their work at the Senior Awards Assembly; and also will have Pathway-specific recognition with external partners.