iPad FAQ’s

McQuaid Administration spent nearly two years researching the best devices for using in a 1:1 platform. Focus groups were convened to evaluate a wide variety of devices.  Ultimately, the following are some of the factors that led to our choosing iPad as the platform of choice: ease of use, battery life, wide variety of apps, and portability.

Yes. In order to maintain a consistent classroom experience for all students, the iPad will be part of our required materials for students.

Benefits of using an iPad in the classroom are numerous and varied. Students can replace some of the existing “tools” they already have in the form of digital note taking and digital textbooks. Teachers can design innovative lessons that lead students to explore and learn in new, exciting ways. Students can respond in real time to questions asked by the teacher, and the teacher receives instant feedback on student comprehension.

To provide a consistent experience for all students we require all students to use the iPad provided by the school. This ensures that we can quickly and legally deploy all of the necessary purchased apps to all devices; properly protect students from accessing inappropriate content; and more easily troubleshoot problems that occur during the course of a school day.

Since the beginning of our planning process, we have been especially mindful of this concern. The iPad will enhance the classroom experience, but we will maintain a balance between thoughtful use of technology and teaching that does not use or require technology. The healthy, informal socializing that occurs in the hallways, cafeteria, and other common areas will continue. The iPad will be used for educational purposes within the confines of the classroom and other academic areas.

Digital resources, apps, and online texts will join our existing print resources as teachers research and request them.

All iPads will be covered by an AppleCare Protection Plan which covers two incidents of accidental damage for each iPad. The repair deductible will be covered by McQuaid for the first incident of accidental damage. Further damage repair costs incurred in excess of the covered incident will be charged to families.

iPads will be enclosed in a protective ZAGG keyboard case. Students will be required to keep the case and the keyboard on at all times.

All iPads will be replaced with the newest model available following three years of use.  All students will have the same model of iPad to ensure equity of access to resources.

Schoology use will not change.

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk by phone at 585.256.6161 or by email at ipads@mcquaid.org .