Seventh & Eighth Grade FAQ’s

If your son will be absent, we ask that you call the Middle School Office (256-6175) prior to 9 a.m. on each day of the absence. When your son returns to school, he needs to bring a written note signed by a parent or guardian, stating the reason for the absence as well as the dates of the absence. The excuse note needs to be taken to the Middle School Office; your son will receive an “Admit to Class” slip for admittance to homeroom.

Any planned absences or partial absences (doctor’s appointments, travel plans, etc.) require prior written notice to the Middle School Office. In the case of family travel (including non-school sports teams), please note this is considered an unexcused absence. McQuaid should be notified in writing 10 days prior to the absence. Your son should refer to Schoology for assignments, tests, or quizzes that may be missed. For an unexcused absence, teachers are not obligated to provide make-up-work.  Please refer to the handbook for more information.

When a student is absent, he should check Schoology for his assignments.

If a student arrives to school after 8 a.m., he should check in through the Middle School Office. Unless his bus was late, he needs to present a note from parents explaining his tardiness. Students receive JUG after three unexcused late arrivals in a given quarter. Students who are late to any class are to report to the Middle School Office for a pass.

Students late to class after recess, lunch, or Flex will be given JUG.

All Middle School students should use the Fr. James Fischer, S.J. Hall entrance which is on the south side of the school. This entrance is called the Middle School or Auditorium entrance.

There is no direct adult supervision of students who may remain on campus after hours and are not in extracurricular activities.  The Academic Center is normally open for studying from 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., and 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Fridays.

Typically, every Wednesday is an ED Day. Dismissal is at 2:05 p.m. on ED Days. Please check the online school calendar for a complete listing of dates.

The term JUG is derived from Latin, jugum, meaning yoke or burden. (Many students also refer to JUG as “Justice Under God.”) In the Middle School, if a student receives JUG, he can only serve it after school. He would report to the Middle School Office directly following his last class and serve JUG for 30 minutes. A student can postpone JUG one day in order to make transportation arrangements. Any further postponements result in an additional day of JUG.

Students must wear a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, belt, socks, dress shoes, and a sport coat. Details regarding the dress code are in the Academic Handbook / Conduct Code.

If you need to get an important message to your son, please call the Middle School Office at 256-6175. We will tape the message to your son’s locker. Only emergency messages will be personally delivered to the boys during class.

Each time a homework assignment is missing or incomplete on its due date, a student receives an accountability sheet or “blue sheet.” After the third blue sheet in a particular subject, we inform parents. (In ½ credit computer classes, the accountability sheets are sent home after two missed assignments, since these classes meet every other day.) If a student fails a course for a quarter, or if a student acquires three sets of blue sheets in a single marking period, he will be assigned to Mandatory Study Hall during Flex. The student will be placed in MSH for a minimum of three weeks for a course failure or two weeks for a third set of blue sheets. He will sign a contract that stipulates the guidelines of MSH and underscores the student’s commitment to reverse the trend.

Please consult the McQuaid Conduct Code, General Procedures, for restrictions on use of electronic devices during the school day other than the student issued Ipad.