Sixth Grade Information

September 2012 marked a new tradition at McQuaid Jesuit as 53 sixth graders walked the halls for the first time. The advantages of welcoming the youngest boys ever to enroll at McQuaid Jesuit are the extending of every dimension of Jesuit education. That is, the student gets an early start

  • in the nurturing of his God-given academic potential, including crucial study habits, self-discipline, and a love of learning.
  • in the continued development of English language skills, especially grammar and writing, a key preparation for the rigors of language study in the years that follow.
  • in the formation of the Ignatian tradition of becoming “Men for Others.” That is, a bedrock belief in the imperative that we exist to share our talents, time, and treasure with all of humanity….in service to God. In fact, all that we do and say is in some sense God-centered.
  • in the nurturing of personal growth, including respect for self and for others, self-confidence, and friendship.

Our sixth grade faculty teach only the sixth grade, allowing a maximum use of time and resources. We also have a designated teacher’s aide, who works only with the sixth grade faculty and students.

Please review our FAQ page to assist you in deciding where to enroll your son for sixth grade.  We sincerely hope it is McQuaid Jesuit.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Pam Vernetti (585-256-6112, or Mr. Joe Feeney (585-256-6117, in the Admissions Office.