Why an All-Boys’ Middle School?

The McQuaid Jesuit Middle School is the middle school for boys.  No school in the area educates young men more effectively.  We focus on the unique psychological, academic, and emotional needs of adolescent boys, and we help them achieve in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in their communities.

Focus on How Boys Learn Best

Boys and girls have different learning styles.  For example, boys tend to be performance-oriented and less relational.  They prefer the spatial and love to manipulate objects.  At a boys’ school such as ours, full attention can be given to how boys learn best.

Moral Leadership

In a boys’ school, boys have more freedom to risk and achieve in areas that society might suggest should be the exclusive province of one sex or the other.  At a boys’ school, if we have community service, art, and music, boys must provide them. If we have moral leadership, boys must furnish it.  If we want a caring, generous, tolerant, compassionate community, boys must build it.

Camaraderie and Deep Friendships

The easy exchange of ideas and the friendships made in the classroom, on the playing fields, or on the stage in a boys’ school provide fertile ground for camaraderie and for instilling core values through such traditions as Magis, Men for Others, the Profile of the Graduate, and the Honor Code.

Freedom from Social Competition

Because we are a boys’ school, we can offer a rigorous education in an environment in which emotional energy is not directed toward posturing for the opposite sex. With fewer concerns about dress or hair or appearance, students are free from rivalry and distraction

Thriving on Boys’ Drive for Individual/Team Competition

Our balanced approach capitalizes on the adolescent male’s drive to win and the instinct to compete. We frequently work friendly competition into class activities, group projects, advisement, activity nights, school-wide fundraisers, honor roll, etc.