Higher Achievement Program

The Higher Achievement Program (HAP) is a five-week summer enrichment and leadership experience designed for young men who have completed sixth or seventh grade. Over the course of five weeks, students participate in a combination of academic classes, activities, student clubs, and athletics. In addition, the HAP experience includes field trips to Letchworth State Park and Frontier Field.

Made up of a diverse student body, the program is comprised of McQuaid students as well as students from urban and suburban middle schools. Candidates for the program are referred to McQuaid by their teachers, principals, and guidance counselors, as well as through the recommendations of mentors at institutions such as the Boys and Girls Club. Admission to the program is granted based on student academic performance, personal integrity, respect, generosity, and leadership.

The HAP faculty is comprised of veteran McQuaid Jesuit instructors who have developed a quality curriculum and provide excellent classroom instruction. HAP alumni who are current McQuaid students serve as student tutors, activity moderators, athletic coaches, and personal mentors. These young men encourage and assist HAP students, ensuring the very best summer experience possible.

Candidates should contact Mr. John Mandabach, ’13, HAP director, at 585-256-6192, for more information on admission to the program.

Finances and Tuition

HAP is funded annually in part by a generous gift from the Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). This is supplemented by a modest tuition charge of $500. (Financial aid is available.)

Donors who wish to sponsor a HAP student for the summer should contact Fr. Philip Judge, S.J. , president, at 585-256-6101.

Neither lunch nor daily transportation is included and is therefore provided by families of students participating in the program.

HAP Scholarships

HAP graduates are eligible to receive a HAP Scholarship, which is applied to a student’s McQuaid tuition. HAP Scholarships stand in addition to other McQuaid scholarships and offers of financial aid. In return, recipients of HAP scholarships serve as HAP tutors, moderators, coaches, and mentors. HAP alumni should contact Mr. Parker for more information on receiving a HAP Scholarship and serving as a HAP tutor, moderator, coach or mentor.

For More Information

Contact Mr. Cory Parker, ’13, HAP director, at 585-256-6193.