International Student Program (ISP)

We want to understand human beings and the world in all their complexity, so that human beings can configure the world in a way that is more compassionate, and therefore more divine.

Arturo Sosa, S.J. – Superior General of the Society of Jesus

As a Jesuit school, McQuaid Jesuit is committed to forming a “global perspective” within its students. The goal of the International Student Program (ISP) is to enhance our Jesuit mission by providing a context out of which our students may more fully engage diverse global cultures, participate in meaningful reflection, and grow in their response of love to a world “charged with the grandeur of God.” (Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., God’s Grandeur)

In recent years, McQuaid has hosted a number of students from a variety of countries such as China, Italy, South Korea, and Spain. Therefore, in addition to developing a global perspective within our school, the ISP helps our international students integrate into our school culture, engage the very best middle and high school educational experience, and succeed in the finest colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and the world.

Students in McQuaid’s ISP participate in the full college preparatory curriculum developed for every McQuaid student. A few adaptations may be made to both acknowledge a student’s strengths as well as accommodate his challenges. For example, students for whom English is not their first language have the opportunity to integrate an additional English class (ESL) into their daily schedules. Other academic support opportunities and resources are also available to international students. A student’s curriculum is developed in conjunction with the ISP Coordinator and his student counselor.

International students are encouraged to participate in those co-curricular activities in which they have interest or on athletic teams for which they have capacity. They are also invited to participate in student retreats and must fulfill their service requirements.

Candidates for admission into McQuaid’s ISP should review the admissions criteria listed below and then contact Ms. Yang for assistance with the admissions process. She will guide students and families throughout the entire process.

Candidates will be considered for admission into all grades in the middle school (6-8), as well as into freshman, sophomore and junior years (9-11) in the high school. We do not admit transfer students into senior year (12).

  1. Complete the McQuaid admissions process. Please visit our admissions website for more information on how to apply for admission into McQuaid.
  2. Demonstrate English proficiency in oral and written modes. Submit TOEFL (minimum score of 85 or equivalent) or TOEFL Junior scores (minimum score of 800 or equivalent) and a writing sample, and participate in a student interview, either in person or via Skype.
  3. Obtain and verify immunizations. For more information on required immunizations, please visit the NYS Department of Health’s website. Submit the McQuaid Health Form, a copy of your immunization records, and a copy of your medical insurance form, valid for the entire program time.
  4. Meet immigration requirements set by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. International students should apply for and receive the SEVIS F-1 Visa with the U.S. Consulate. McQuaid can only issue the I-20 form when a family demonstrates the ability to meet all costs associated with attending school in the United States.
  5. Register with a study agency approved by McQuaid. We currently work with Ivy International.
  6. Submit payment for all McQuaid tuition and fees directly to the school’s Finance Office. Financial aid is not available for international students.

McQuaid’s tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $14,950 with a (non-refundable) registration fee of $250. The international student fee is $5,750 and covers the costs of administering the ISP, as well as supporting English language skills and other needs of international students. This fee may be higher, based on the interests and needs of the student.

Ms. Yinghua Yang is McQuaid’s Coordinator of the International Student Program. She is a member of the Foreign Language Department, teaching Mandarin language and Chinese culture to students at different levels. For more information on the ISP offerings, please contact Ms. Yang at or 585-256-6112.

The Exchange Experience is either a year-long or semester-long experience, beginning either in September or January. Students live with McQuaid families, audit classes, and participate in student activities. Exchange students receive a “Certificate of Participation” when they conclude their McQuaid experience.

The Summer International Camp is a collaborative effort between McQuaid Jesuit and local colleges and universities. Students live with McQuaid families and participate in summer camps on campus.

Please contact Ms. Yang for more information on both of these programs.

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