Recently Deceased Alumni & Family Members

Please remember the recently deceased members of the McQuaid Jesuit community in your prayers.

Mary ForgetMay 15Mother of Tim Forget Jr., '64, Mark Forget, '66, Chris Forget, '76, and Paul Forget, '81
Catherine Acciari May 14Mother of Stephen Acciari, '84
Barbara Pulsifer May 14Mother of Peter Pulsifer '73 and James Pulsifer'75
Stuart B. Meisenzahl, '59 May 9
Brandon P. Williams '10 May 8
Michael Macaluso May 8Father of Mark Macaluso, '68
Patrick S. Maloney Jr., '93May 2
Lawrence Davis May 1Father of Joseph Davis, '04 and Michael Davis, '07
John J. Weber, '69May 1
Michael Spoonhower, '59 April 26
Lois Alfieri April 26Mother of Gerard Alfieri, '78
Alonzo Adams April 24Father of Keith Adams, '80
John Regan April 24Father of Michael Regan, '74 and Mark Regan, '81
Susan Huge April 23Mother of Philip Huge Jr., '07
Anthony M. Noce, '83April 21
David Hanson AprilFather of Eric Hanson, '86
Marion Finucane FinkleApril 16Mother of Jack Finkle, '74
John SerrApril 14Father of John Serr, '83
Margot NortonApril 14Mother of John Norton '81, David Norton '82, and Michael Norton '90
William HuberlieApril 11Father of Frederick Huberlie, '80
Patrick Grisdale April 9 Father of Michael Grisdale '84
Lucille ZicariApril 5Mother of Craig Zicari, '67, and Bruce Zicari, '63
Louis Deutsch III April 5Father of Peter Deutsch '98
Edward J. McGee '66 April 4Father of Patrick McGee, '03
Daniel E. Dunn, '69March 29Brother of Tim Dunn, '67
Patricia St. Martin March 23Mother of John St. Martin III, '93 and Michael St. Martin, '04
Nick ValentineMarch 23Brother of Michael Valentine, '14
John P. Appleby, '70March 11Brother of Joseph Appleby, '81
Richard WilliamsMarch 10Father of Michael Williams, '78
Mary Ellen GortonMarch 7Mother of Dan Gorton, '90 and Michael Gorton, '72.
Albert RoderiquesFebruary 28Father of Michael Roderiques, '08
Joseph BrockFebruary 25Father of Jude Brock, '76, Paul Brock, '77, and Thomas Brock, '84
John J. Wielgosz, '18February 23Brother of David Wielgosz, '21 and Michael Wielgosz, '20
Albert LaVigueurFebruary 22Father of Albert LaVigueur, '85
Claire DailyFebruary 17Mother of Phil Daily, '82 and Doug Daily, '83
John RamspergerFebruary 17Father of Eric Ramsperger, '08
Jeanne MercierFebruary 17Mother of George Mercier, '71 and Michael Mercier, '76
Edward M. Dempsey, '83February 17Brother of John P. Dempsey, '80
Joan BurkeFebruary 16Mother of Patrick Burke, '71 and David Burke, '78
Donald TatesFebruary 13Father of David Tates, '86
Allan SchroederFebruary 7Father of David Schroeder, '87
Claire StukasFebruary 6Mother of Philip Stukas, '74
Christian J. Mathews, '18February 5
Howard SattoraFebruary 2Father of Richard Sattora, '69
Michael J. Lancer, '60January 30
Claire DaileyJanuary 27Mother of Philip Dailey Jr, '82 and Douglas Dailey, '83
Glady DegmanJanuary 27Mother of Pam White and Mother-in-law of Chip White, '85
William T. McManus, Sr., '59January 25
Heidi ConnellJanuary 22Mother of Owen Connell, '21
Raymond GortonJanuary 21Father of Michael Gorton, '72 and Dan Gorton, '90
Lorene FerronJanuary 20Patrick Ferron, '88
Irene KeeganJanuary 19Mother of Charles Keegan Jr., '81
Margaret LaPortaJanuary 16Mother of Phil Laporta, '72
Sarah Ann McCaffertyJanuary 13Mother of Brendan McCafferty, '78
Paul N. Redington, '78January 6
Nancy O'MaraJanuary 6Mother of Dan O'Mara, '87
William P. Meagher, '58January 1
Daria Kindrat-PrattJanuary 1Mother of Michael Kindrat-Pratt, '05
John S. Mikulsky, '00December 31
Jean DoyleDecember 31Mother of Peter Doyle, '74
Robert BradleyDecember 29Father of H. Robert Bradley, '93
Philip D. Thorpe II, '00December 28
Donald BergmannDecember 25Father of Donald Bergman, '79
Grace CraneDecember 22Mother of Kevin Crane, '83
Carlos Perez-Albuerne, '87 December 22Brother of Evelio Perez-Albuerne, '81
Patricia LoomisDecember 21Mother of Matthew Loomis, '82
Joseph BraderDecember 19Father of Thomas Brader, '63, William Brader, '68, Michael Brader, '73, and John Brader, '75
Elizabeth WalzDecember 7Mother of Stephen Walz, '72 and Thomas Walz, '74
James M. Kniskern, '88December 5
Thomas MilanoDecember 5Father of Michael Milano, '88
Robert Barrett, '59December 4
Jane ButtonsDecember 4Mother of James Buttons, '79
Richard FoxDecember 4Father of David Fox, '93, Johnathan Fox, '97, Richard Fox Jr., '00, and Peter Fox
William D. Struzzi, '03December 3
Edward J. McNamara, '64December 2
Eleanor PlattNovember 24Mother of Peter Platt, '65
Joan AlfanoNovember 24Mother of Mark Alfano, '84
Robert R. Whiting, '99November 22Brother of Thomas Whiting, '02
Donald J. Arcieri, '59November 22
Thomas F. Ritz, '58November 29
Jeanette CookNovember 19Mother of Adam Cook, '01
Frank DiCesareNovember 15Father of Jason DiCesare, '96 and Brandon DiCesare, '99
Jeanette GefellNovember 13Mother of William Gefell, '73 and Daniel Gefell, '80
Marlene LaGasseNovember 13Mother of Jeffrey LaGasse, '75 and James LaGasse, '83
Saralee LaVigueurNovember 12Mother of Albert LaVigueur, '85
Carmel AdamsNovember 12Mother of Paul Adams, '70
Donald HoeffelNovember 6Father of John Hoeffel, '79
Walter M. Maxwell, '66November 6Brother of Jim Maxwell, '67 and John Maxwell, '75
Barry MaladyNovember 6Father of Ben Malady, '21 and Jack Malady, '21
Kathryn LemkeNovember 1Sister of Ret. Sgt. Michael Lemke, '77
Michael DuganOctober 30Son of Mark Dugan, '72
Michael DeWese DuganOctober 30Step Brother of Jonathan Covney, '06
Dane W. Leclair, '15October 27Brother of Doug Leclair, '11
Herman Springer, Jr., '72October 2019Brother of Peter Springer, '76, John Springer, '70, and Paul Springer, '69
Gary S. Holowka, '61October 2019
Leona HickeyOctober 24Mother of Mark Hickey, '85
Terese WeberOctober 23Mother of John Weber, '69
Miriam MurrayOctober 19Mother of Kevin Murray, '73
Paolo AltieriOctober 17Father of Stephen Altieri, '98, Marco Altieri, '95, Anthony Altieri, '93, and John-Paul Altieri, '92
Patrick PulvinoOctober 16Father of Patrick Pulvino, '93 and Joseph Pulvino, '99
Robert P. Drexel, '61October 16Brother of Michael Drexel, '64, Thomas Drexel, '67, and Richard Drexel, '71
Eileen HellemsOctober 11Mother of Stephen Hellems, '68
Richard C. Kuhn, '58October 10
Edward Gartland Sr.October 10Father of Edward Gartland Jr., '82
Africa RuizOctober 6Mother of Julian Ruiz, '69 and David Ruiz, '72
Barbara GagerOctober 5Mother of Warren Gager, '68; mother-in-law of Gary Gianforti, '69
Robert L. Eberling, '74October 1
Todd QuistSeptember 30Brother of Robert Quist, '16
Richard G. Moore, '63September 29
Anne McMurraySeptember 28Mother of James McMurray, '82
Thomas ConnellSeptember 26Father of Brian Connell, '91
Anne ThomasSeptember 25Mother of Robert Thomas, '70 and Richard Thomas, '73
Ann BurnsSeptember 24Mother of John Burns, '81
Michael D. Hanna, '06September 22Brother of Kevin Hanna, '18, Justin Hanna, '20, and Brian Hanna, '21
David MillerSeptember 22Father of David Miller, '74, Stephen Miller, '75, Paul Miller, '79, and Thomas Miller, '88
William HuntSeptember 21Father of Grant Hunt, '75
Raymond O'Neill Sr.September 20Father of Raymond O'Neill Jr., '70
Russell CampbellSeptember 19Father of Cole Campbell, '17 and Jared Campbell, '19
Carmela SantangeloSeptember 18Mother of Michael Santangelo, '60
Dante CardinaliSeptember 17Father of Christopher Cardinali, '82, Gregory Cardinali, '82, Daniel Cardinali, '84, and John Cardinali, '84
Marian CiufoSeptember 16Mother of David Ciufo, '69
Richard J. Connors, '58September 15
Frank LaForceSeptember 14Father of Frank LaForce, '82 and Tim LaForce, '83
Norma RiedmanSeptember 11Mother of Richard Riedman, '77
Gerard BernhardtSeptember 7Member of McQuaid's maintenance staff
Rita LeeSeptember 7Mother of Terrence Lee, ‘71; Predeceased by her son, Thomas Lee, ‘73
Michele DauriaSeptember 5Mother of Alexander Dauria, '74
Maria MundySeptember 4Mother of Jackeen Mundy-Aeckerle, '18
Joseph WallanAugust 31Father of David Wallan, '71
Peggy Dollinger WegmanAugust 28Mother of Richard Dollinger, '69, David Dollinger, '73, and Douglas Dollinger, '75; stepmother of Danny Wegman, '65
David MetzAugust 28Father of Michael Metz, '78 and Steven Metz, '80
Joseph McHughAugust 25Father of James McHugh, '64 and Michael McHugh, '66
Celine McMahon-ReneAugust 24Mother of Richard Rene, '72, Daniel Rene, '74, John Rene, '75, and Marc Rene, '77
Rosemary HorvathAugust 23Mother of Richard Horvath, '77, Patrick Horvath, '78, and Timm Horvath, '82
Philip M. Maley, '58August 23
Margo ShawAugust 18Mother of Patrick Shaw, '88 and Benjamin Shaw, '89
Fred ChattertonAugust 14Father of Cody Chatterton, '13
Dillon McDermottAugust 14Father of Peter McDermott, '85
Sheila GillAugust 12Mother of Harold Gill, '93
James BoyleAugust 8Father of Eric Boyle, '76
Judith A. DiCesareAugust 5McQuaid receptionist from 1991-99
Donald SweetlandAugust 4Father of Mark Sweetland, '73
Thomas S. Brady, '75August 3
Jack PostAugust 3Father of John Post, '76, James Post, '80, Michael Post, '80, and William Post, '82
Alfred SetteJuly 31Father of Alfred Sette, '85
Gloria GarrandJuly 30Mother of Francis Garrand Jr., '67
Susan MazzaJuly 29Wife of Lou Mazza, '74
Katherine CastorJuly 24Mother of Craig Castor, '88
Jane SchulerJuly 21Mother of Edward Schuler, '78 and Christopher Schuler, '83
Ronald RoachJuly 18Father of Donald Roach, '97
Carmella InfarinatoJuly 17Mother of Douglas Infarinato, '72
Lodewyk BoyonJuly 15Father of Louis Boyon, '85
George ArenaJuly 14Father of George Arena, '70
Mike Fitzpatrick, '58July 11Father of Charlie Fitzpatrick, '82, Kevin Fitzpatrick, '83, and Stephen Fitzpatrick, '85
Virginia "Tinzie" PorterJuly 9Mother of Paul Porter, '79
Colin P. Byrnes, '98July 6
Michael H. Moynihan, '59July 6Brother of Thomas Moynihan, '63
William AllenJuly 4Father of Luke Allen, '02
Jeanne HickeyJuly 1Mother of Steven Hickey, '78
June GnagyJune 28Mother of Daniel Gnagy, '78 (deceased)
John ShaneJune 24Father of John Shane II, '79 and Michael Shane, '80
Kenneth MacKayJune 15Father of K. Christian MacKay, '84 (deceased)
Donna YawmanJune 15Wife of Philip Yawman, '58
William JanawitzJune 4Father of Jeffrey Janawitz, '84 and Jamison Janawitz, '87