Knights of the Round Table

Established in 2003, the purpose of the McQuaid Jesuit Knights of the Round Table is to recognize individuals, living or deceased, who have distinguished themselves in their personal lives and careers, thereby reflecting credit upon McQuaid Jesuit’s educational efforts, moral principles and philosophical tenets. Candidates for the Knights of the Round Table include alumni, members of the McQuaid Jesuit faculty, administration and staff, coaches and non-alumni.

2019 Inductee

Thomas Schaeffer

The 1982 McQuaid Accolade dedication, given to Thomas Schaeffer, reads in part, “He is dedicated to us as his students, and his friends. He can be a friend who violates the adage that ‘familiarity breeds contempt,’ and can remain one of the finest teachers many of us will ever have.” For more than 30 years, whether it was inside the classroom, serving as vice principal for student affairs, overseeing student groups, or leading the Knights on the golf course and on the basketball court, Mr. Schaeffer dedicated his career to the young men and employees of McQuaid, continuously earning the respect of everyone around him. His dedication to teaching chemistry ensured that students in his class not only learned, but enjoyed the subject. In addition to the 1982 Accolade dedication, Schaeffer was named Teacher of the Year by the students in 1990.

When Schaeffer took over the golf program he was the third head coach in the school’s history. At the time his opponents were few as Monroe County would not allow McQuaid to compete against their schools. Schaeffer was confined to battle teams from Cardinal Mooney, Bishop Kearney and Aquinas. Even after McQuaid Jesuit was brought into Section V, and allowed to compete against other county schools, it was not until Schaeffer established a relationship with Oak Hill Country Club that our schedule became one of the most competitive in the area.  It was at this time that Schaeffer was named as the representative of the City-Catholic League for golf in Section V. Schaeffer’s influence was felt immediately as he helped create a scoring system that allowed points for match and medal competition. This allowed for more competitive matches among teams with a myriad of talent. Through the game of golf, Schaeffer was able to teach his student athletes how to truly be men for others.

The last line of the 1982 Accolade dedication reads, “He is a man, a teacher, a friend who embodies the giving spirit of McQuaid, a friend we have been very privileged to know.”

Past Inductees