Athletics is an integral part of McQuaid, as it is at any Jesuit school. Jesuits have long used the Latin dictum, mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) to demonstrate the important connection between the mind and the body, the classroom and the playing field. Athletics also is a “curriculum” unto itself, a place where our young men learn leadership and hard work, camaraderie and team work, and the lessons that come from either winning or losing.

We strive to have an athletic program that is highly competitive, but also one that is placed within the perspective of a Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory school. Our goal is that each student not only will learn the fundamentals of his sport, but at the same time will learn lessons grounded in the teachings of Saint Ignatius and of McQuaid Jesuit that will remain with him throughout his life. The goal of Jesuit education is the pursuit of each student’s intellectual, spiritual, and physical development to the full measure of his God given talents. Our athletic program’s mission is to complement our academic excellence.


There are 19 sports at varying levels available at McQuaid Jesuit. See the complete list below.

V=Varsity, JV=Junior Varsity, F=Freshman, M=Modified (due to large numbers, some levels may offer 2 teams)

Fall Sports

Crew (M, Novice, V)
Cross-Country (M, JV, V)
Football (M, F, JV, V)
Soccer (M, JV x 2, V)
Volleyball (M, JV, V)

Winter Sports

Alpine Skiing (JV, V)
Basketball (M, F, JV, V)
Bowling (M, V)
Hockey (JV x 2, V)
Indoor Track & Field (M, JV, V)
Swimming (JV, V)
Wrestling (M, JV, V)

Spring Sports

Baseball (M x 2, JV x 2, V)
Crew (Novice, V)
Golf (JV, V)
Lacrosse (M, JV, V)
Outdoor Track & Field (M, JV, V)
Rugby (M, JV, V)
Sailing (V)
Tennis (JV, V)