Ignatian Coaching Philosophy

The athletic program is an integral part of McQuaid Jesuit, as it is at any Jesuit school.  Jesuits have long used the Latin dictum, “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) to demonstrate the important connection between the mind and the body, the classroom and the playing field.  Athletics also is a “curriculum” unto itself, a place where our young men learn leadership and hard work, camaraderie and team work, and the lessons that come from either winning or losing.

McQuaid Jesuit has invested a great deal of effort in developing a program for our coaches.  It ensures that each and every coach at the school understands what it means to coach at a Jesuit school.  Our goal is to have an athletic program that is highly competitive, but also one that is placed within the perspective of a Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory school.

Within one year of the date of hire a coach must complete his/her certification as an Ignatian Coach. Coaches must complete the “Bishops Charter on Creating a Safe Environment” and attend McQuaid Jesuit’s Coaches Orientation Evening.  As a Catholic and Jesuit school, the role of religious activities, such as a team mass and /or retreat, the opportunity to pray before or after a game, and participation in a team service project should be the norm.  The expectation of a coach at a Jesuit school is that he/she not only engage in professional development with regard to athletics and his/her particular sport, but will participate with the entire school community in ongoing training in Ignatian thought and spirituality.

We hope you understand and support our efforts to ensure that our athletic program is in line with our Jesuit and Catholic values as a school, and that it is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all.