Donnee Society

History of Donnee Society

As a new teacher at McQuaid, you may be wondering why the faculty chose to name its professional organization the Donnee Society. After all, what is a “donnee”? Well, in general, the word “donnee” is a French noun meaning “a person who gives him/herself.” More specifically, “donnee” is the term that 17th century Jesuits used to refer to the laymen whom they had recruited to partner with them in their mission to convert the Native peoples of New France to Roman Catholicism. While not ordained Jesuit priests or brothers, donnee were expected to take vows of ceibacy and poverty. Many a donnee spent a lifetime in service to his mission, and more than a few were tortured and/or killed by hostile Native forces.

By resurrecting the term “donnee” for the name of its professional organization, the faculty of McQuaid Jesuit presents itself as partners with the Jesuits in their present-day, collective mission of teaching adolescent males to become men for others prepared to set fire upon the earth. Implicit in the name as well is the hope of the Donnee Society that faculty members will find at McQuaid a professional home where they can offer a lifetime of service.