Ongoing Ignatian Formation

“Life and mission are inseparable.   On the one hand, we know that we are a fragile body. […] On the other, we live as pilgrims, always seeking to draw profit from the tensions that arise from our mission as it is carried out in complex and ever-changing contexts.”  (Fr. Sosa SJ, Superior General)

“The Pilgrim”(the term St. Ignatius used to refer to himself in his Autobiography) would certainly assert that tensions are opportunities to discern creative ways to respond to the demands of our mission.  Mining the treasures of our Catholic, Jesuit Traditions, the Office of Ignatian Identity offers several educational, spiritual and service opportunities to support ongoing formation for our adult community, contributing to the formation of persons dedicated to excellence in mission.

All adult members of the McQuaid Jesuit administration, board, faculty and staff, parents/guardians are welcome to attend the opportunities provided below.


Veteran Staff

Ignatian Formation for Mission 

This Formation process is foundational for understanding Ignatian Identity so as to live with a deeper awareness of the Mission of Jesuit Education.

Unit 1:  The Life of Ignatius 

Presenter:  Fr. Marc Roselli SJ

Date:  November 2, 2020

Time:  3-4 PM

Place: Mission and Ministry Conference Room

Unit 2: Ignatian Spirituality Rooted in the Spiritual Exercises

Presenter:  Damian Zynda

Date: February 1, 2021

Time:  3-4 PM

Place: Wahl Room


Unit 3:  The History of the Jesuits

Presenter:  Jack Ruppert

Date:  March 15, 2021

Time:  3-4 PM

Place: 2nd Floor Conference Room


Unit 4:  The History of McQuaid Jesuit 

Presenter:  Dr. Christopher Parks

Date:  May 10, 2021

Time:  3-4 PM

Place: 2nd Floor Conference Room


Board of Trustees

A Jesuit school has a governing board which holds the Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity of the school in trust for the Society of Jesus by setting direction, establishing policies, and ensuring programs that build and manifest the school’s Jesuit and Catholic identity.  Standards and Benchmarks (Standard 4)

Outcomes This Formation Process anchors members of the McQuaid Board of Trustees in Ignatian Spirituality, the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the History and Mission of the Society of Jesus, and the History and Mission of McQuaid Jesuit High School. Ignatian pedagogy (experience, reflection on experience, spiritual conversation) and didactic learning will be used throughout.
Information Principles of Ignatian Leadership:  A Resource for a Faith-Committed Life by William J. Byron SJ and James L. Connor SJ Our Way of Proceeding:  Standards and Benchmarks  for Jesuit Schools in the 21st Century Jesuit Schools Network
Formation Mission Formation Committee Meetings 

Mission & Ministry Conference Room

  • November
    • Ignatian Spirituality:  Our Way of Life
      • Presenter:  Dr. Damian Zynda
  • February
    • The Life of St. Ignatius Loyola
      • Presenters:  Mrs. Lisa Soprano and Mr. Jack Ruppert (2019 Boston College Mahar Scholars)
    • The Spiritual Exercises: Intimacy and Mission
      • Presenter:  Mr. Joe Carney
  • April
    • The History and Mission of McQuaid Jesuit High School
      • Presenter:  Dr. Christopher Parks
  • May
    • The History and Mission of the Society of Jesus
      • Presenter:  Mr. Jack Ruppert, History Department, McQuaid Jesuit
Transformation Reflective Conversation at each Committee Meeting

All Board Members are invited and encouraged to share the wealth of the Ignatian Tradition by making the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  The Spiritual Exercises is a 30 Week Retreat (modeled upon the original 30 Day Retreat) beginning in early September and ends mid-May May.

If you are interested please contact Dr. Damian Zynda at