Ignatian Formation for Mission

McQuaid Jesuit provides a comprehensive five year formation process for faculty, staff and administration to carry forward our mission “to inspire young men to pursue excellence in all things, service to others  and life-long justice.”  Why such a comprehensive program?

If the faculty at a Jesuit school are men and women whose lives are inspired by the Ignatian vision, then the question about the percentage of Jesuits on the faculty is not an overriding issue. It is more a question of the quality of the lives of all the faculty, both Jesuit and lay. The school will be Jesuit if the lives of its teachers exemplify and communicate to the students the vision of Ignatius. (Foundations 7)

In applying this vision to secondary education, we assert that Jesuit schools must go beyond the criteria of academic excellence, important as this is, to the far more challenging task of bringing about a true metanoia in their students, that Jesuit schools must move more vigorously toward participation in community affairs, that they must more honestly evaluate their efforts according to the criteria of both the Christian reform of social structures and renewal of the Church.  (Foundations 5) –  Foundations Jesuit Secondary Education Association