General Congregation 36

Rowing into the Deep

Jesuit General Congregation 36

Decrees of the General Congregation  GC 36 Decrees

Decree 1:  Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice

Decree 2:  Renewed Governance for a Renewed Mission

Prayer to Christ the Reconciler

By Mark Thibodeaux, SJ

Christ the Reconciler, who through your life, death and resurrection

has reconciled us to the Prodigal Father, help us return home.

Help us to turn back frm our aimless meanderings and to surrender to

the Father’s merciful embrace.

Christ the Reconciler, who brought together Samaritans and Israelites,

Roman officials and zealots, tax collectors and fishermen, sinners and saints,

help us to join in your work of reconcililing all peoples –

first to their loving and merciful Creator and then to one another.

Help us to bring together people of all faiths.

Help us bring together political conservatives and political liberals,

Protestants and Catholics, the Christian Right and the Christian Left,

moguls and migrants, isolationists and immigrants, victims and perpetrators,

women and men, the popular and estranged, the white and the black,

the rich and the poor, sinenrs and saints.

Christ the Reconciler, who bathed in the Jordan River and retreated into the desert,

who was born among farm animals and who spoke lovingly about the

providential growth of fragile seeds, help us to reconcile with the Father’s creation.

Help us to turn back from the abuse and neglect that we have inflicted upon our

skies and rivers, forests, grasslands and deserts, our plants, rocks and animals.

Help us to embrace and restore creation as you did.

Christ the Reconciler, reconcile us with our God, our sisters and brothers,

and with our universe.  Bring us to a New Heaven and a New Earth, where every tear will be wiped away.