Agape Latte 6.0: “The Gatorade Dump”

On Tuesday, December 10 at flex, Dan Bates, a member of McQuaid’s physical education department and assistant football coach, delivered Agape Latte 6.0: “The Gatorade Dump” in the Wegman Center Atrium. Students, faculty, and staff gathered to hear why Coach Bates attends Mass every morning, his relationship with his grandfather, and why not every Gatorade bucket dump is a celebratory one.

Agape Latte is a national program begun at Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Center and brought to McQuaid Jesuit by Angus Chase ’19 and Yonatan Yemane ’19. This unique program offers students an opportunity to hear how faculty/staff have experienced God in their lives.

Click here to watch Coach Bates’ talk.