Five Receive Bene Merenti Award

More than 40 years ago, two handbooks on effective practice for teachers and administrators were published for use in all the Jesuit High Schools of the United States. One section describing the qualities of a good employee in the Jesuit School withstands the test of time. It states that the kind of teacher that a person becomes will depend on the kind of person one is. It identifies such a person as someone motivated by principle, balanced in judgment, governed by a profound sense of justice, possessing self-confidence, humility and humor, and demonstrating understanding,
patience, and determination.

Upon the completion of his or her 20th year working at McQuaid, an employee is recognized with the Bene Merenti award. This year, the award was presented to five individuals who each have given 20 years of service to McQuaid: Mr. Dan Brady (mathematics), Mrs. Kim Hanna (campus ministry), Mrs. Mary Jo Jesmer (advancement), Ms. Jennifer Martinez (Spanish), and Mrs. Pat McDonnell (nurse).

Mr. Dan Brady – Math Teacher

Mrs. Kim Hanna – Campus Ministry

Mrs. Mary Jo Jesmer – Advancement

Ms. Jennifer Martinez – Spanish Teacher