McQuaid Prepares to Welcome former NFL Player for Xavier Week

For Xavier Week 2019, McQuaid Jesuit will be welcoming Mr. John Urschel as the keynote speaker. Mr. Urschel played three seasons in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens before retiring to pursue a mathematics career and a PhD at MIT. The theme for Xavier Week is “Good Men Make Great Men” and Mr. Urschel will be sharing his story of deciding between two passions, football and math, and how students can be their authentic selves. Throughout the week McQuaid will also welcome speakers from local organizations, a fellow Jesuit school, and some alumni to engage students in reflecting on what it takes to be not just a great man but a good man.

McQuaid annually celebrates the school’s patron saint through examining a topic that challenges students to expand their understanding of the world. You can find more information about Xavier Week and our past Xavier events here.

Mr. John Urschel, pictured here during his time with the Baltimore Ravens, will be the keynote speaker for Xavier Week 2019