Members of the Class of 2019 return for their Half Year Reunion.

Today, members of the Class of 2019 returned to the halls of McQuaid for their Half Year Reunion. The day began with a college fair in Keenan Hall, during which current students could catch up with the young alumni and ask questions about their first semester experiences. At the conclusion of flex, the reunion then moved to the Fr. Edward F. Salmon S.J. Chapel, where students were welcomed home by Mr. Baber. Dr. Zynda then led a group examen, through which our young alumni could reflect back on their time at McQuaid as well as their first semester of college. To conclude the reunion, the group returned to Keenan Hall for brunch and enjoyed some time to catch up with their former classmates.

Thank you to all who participated, we look forward to seeing you back on campus soon for future alumni events. Best of luck to all of our young alum as they prepare for their Spring semesters.