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Tap Sheet

Oasis Tap Syllabus LEVEL 2A and 2B


Step                 Moving on the ball of the foot, transferring weight from one foot to the other.

Stamp             Dropping the whole foot down, and applying weight.

Stomp             Dropping the whole foot down, and NOT applying weight.

Toe Tap:         Hitting the floor repetitively with the front tap, rebounding it up.

 Heel Tap:       Hitting the floor repetitively with the back tap, rebounding it up.

 Toe Dig:         Placing toe tap on the floor, making a sound, but NOT applying weight.

Heel Dig:        Placing heel tap on the floor, making a sound, but NOT applying weight.

Toe Drop        Lifting toe only up, and dropping it down to the floor, making a sound.

Heel Drop      Lifting heel only up, and dropping it down to the floor, making a sound.

Toe Jab:         Hitting the toe tip on the floor and rebounding it up. No weight is applied.

Hop:                Leaving the floor on one foot, returning to the floor on the same foot.

Leap:              Leaving the floor on one foot, returning to the floor on the opposite foot.

Jump              Leaving the floor with both feet and returning to the floor, landing on the toes.

Brush:             Using the front tap, making a forward motion hitting the floor.

Spank:            Using the front tap, making a backward motion hitting the floor.

 Shuffle  Step  (even rhythm) 1+2

Ball Change – teach in 2nd position, ball of one foot, change to the other.

Flap:   Forward- Brush Step (even rhythm)  1 2

Backward- Spank Step (even rhythm) 1 2

Single Lindy – Step Ball Change to side,( BC in 2nd position) 1+2, Ball Change back front 3 4.

Single Irish– Shuffle Hop Step (even rhythm) 1 2 3 4

Single Cramp Roll– Step Step,  Heel drop Heel drop 1 2 3 4

Flap Ball Change:

Forward- Brush Step Ball Change 1 2 3 4 or 1+2+

Backward- Spank Step Ball Change 1 2 3 4 or 1+2+

Heel Stand, Heel Stand, Step, Step 1 2 3 4

Step Heels 12  34  56  78 (travel forward, backward, in a circle)

Crossing Step Heels 12  34  56  78

Brush Step Heel- 1+2

Spank Step Heel– 1+2

Heel Toe Ball Change– 1 2 3 4

Toe Heel Ball Change– 1 2 3 4


Running Flaps

Paddle Turns – Step BC BC BC

Single Buffalo– Starting in flexed coupe’ Leap Shuffle Leap back to Coupe’

Scuff               Using the back tap only, making a forward motion hitting the floor.

Buck:              Scooting forward on the balls of the feet, and then dropping the heels.

Chug:              Scooting forward on the ball of one foot, and then dropping the heel.

 Catch:             Opposite of a Buck moving backward on 2 feet

Hitch:             Opposite a Chug, moving backward on 1 foot

Suzy Q-          Step inverted crossing over supporting foot, Step out with supporting foot while twisting opposite toe off the floor. 1 2

Waltz Clog- Leap Shuffle Ball Change 1+2+3

Maxi-Ford- Leap Shuffle Leap toe jab 1+2+3

Running Shuffles +a1+a2+a3+a4

Heel Stands- Jump to back edges of heels and balance

Step Heels Turning

Flap Heels Turning

Shim Sham- Shuffle step, Shuffle Step, Shuffle Ball Change, Shuffle Step 8+1 2+3 4+5+6+7

(Can make it a Stomp, or Heel dig in place of the Shuffle)

Counting Music: Note Values:

Quarter notes: 1 2 3 4

1/8 Notes: +1+2+3+4

Triplets: 1+a 2+a3+a4+a

1/16 Notes: 1e+a2e+a3e+a4e+a

Clap out different rhythms

*Practice with different tempos of music


Phrases to know:

Accent-           A sound with extra force or volume.

Beat-               The “count” of the music, the recurring pulse that sets the tempo.

Contrast/Shading– The different rhythm patterns and how they related to one another.

Rhythm-         is the constant occurring of strong and weak beats.

Tempo-           the actual speed of the music

Timing–          is the actual dancing in rhythm and time to the music.


Down Stage

Stage Left                                                                                                          Stage Right



Up stag


Flap Heel Heel (Forward and Backward)

Double Shuffle

Pendulum Shuffles

Toe Clicks

Heel Clicks

Bells-  Clicking of heels in the air to either side.

Slap- Brush touch to floor, and release (like a flap without weigh transfer)

Back Essence +1+2

Trenches–       Starting on 1 foot, other stretched behind you, slide supporting foot back, landing                                     on opposite foot. You may add a heel drop.


            3 count: toe dig, heel drop. toe drop 1+2

4 count: toe dig, scuff, heel dig, toe drop 1+2+

5 count: toe dig, scuff, heel drop, heel dig, toe drop 1+a2+

6 count:  toe dig, scuff, heel drop, heel dig, toe drop, heel drop (working foot) 1+a2+a

7 count: dig, scuff, heel drop, heel dig, toe drop, heel drop heel drop (supporting foot,                                         then working foot) 1+a2+a3

Shirley Temple- Flap to side, heel drop(supporting foot)  heel drop (working foot), Spank Heel                                 drop, toe jab, heel drop +1+2+3+4

Paradiddles- Heel dig, spank, step heel drop 1+2+

Traveling Step:          Step spank ball change spank ball change spank ball change

Alternating Cramp Rolls: R Step L Step, L Heel drop R Heel Drop



*Explain how to make a single into a double, triple, quadruple:

Single Has a Step, 1 sound.  Double has a Flap, 2 sounds, Triple has Shuffle Step, 3      sounds, quadruple has shuffle step heel, 4 sounds.

This theory works for: Lindy, Buffalos, Cramp Rolls, Waltz Clogs, Maxi Fords, Draw Backs, Time steps, etc.

Draw backs-Spank, opposite heel drop, step

Cincinnati (quadruple drawback) – Spank heel shuffle heel step +a1+a2


*Introduce Syncopation: (counts starting before the number, or a change in rhythm)


Flaps: a1

Shuffles: a1

Shuffle step a12

Irish: Shuffle Hop Step a1+2

Double Irish: Shuffle Hop Step BC a1+2 3 4

Military Time Step: 2 Double Irish +8+1 2 3, +4+5 6 7

2 Single Irish  +8+1, +2+3

1 Single Irish  +4+5 6 7


(Note: Military Time Step starts on Count 8)


SKELETON:         Stomp Spank hop ____?____   ____?____ Step

8        +        1                                    +

Step         Step                 Single Single

2             3

Flap         Flap                 Double Double

+2             +3

Sh St        Sh St                Triple Triple

+a2          +a3


after these are mastered, you can mix them together making single double, triple double, double triple, etc. etc.

*Can replace the Stomp Spank, with a Shuffle to make it a Standard Time Step, verses BUCK.

**There are an infinite number of time steps. Almost any influential dancer has created their own time step, and many common steps may be turned into time steps. See the Time Step Dictionary for more variations.


Scuffles-         scuff spank

Riffles-            dig scuff spank

Flam (Slurp)- toe dig, heel dig, toe drop +a1

Double / Triple Paradiddle- heel dig spank, heel dig spank (heel dig spank) step heel

Traveling Paradiddle- Heel dig toe drop, step heel (opp. Foot)

Double/ Triple: waltz clogs, cramp rolls, buffalo, maxi fords.

Tack Annie- R spank touch step +12

L spank touch step +34

R spank touch step +56

L spank step step step (back essence) +7+8


Traveling Riff-Leap, toe dig, scuff, heel drop (opp. Foot) 1+a2

Bombershay:1.Stamp inverted xing supporting foot, flap with supporting foot 1+2

  1. Flap to 2nd while popping up supporting toe (no sound), Spank step, striking passe’ with opposite foot. +1+2

Heel Grinds



Tap Short Hand

Right:                         RT                                           Cramp Roll:  CR

Left:                           LT                                            Crossing:       Xing

Step:                          ST                                            Front  :           frt

Brush:                        BR                                           Back:              bk

Flap:                           Fl

Heel:                          H

Heel drop:                HD

Toe:                            T

Toe drop:                 TD

Ball Change:             BC

Shuffle:                     SH

Spank:                       SP

Toe jab:                     TJ

Pickup:                      PU

Paradiddle:              PD

Scuff:                         SC

Scuffle:                      SCFL

Grab-off:                  GO

Alternating:              Alt

Counts:                     Cts.

At the same time:  AST