Parents’ Association Survival Guide

Transitioning to a new school is hard enough, let alone figuring out how to adjust to new schedules, people, and traditions. Below are FAQs for McQuaid Jesuit. This list can also be found on the Parents’ Association section of the website.

Plenty of helpful information ranging from schedules of annual school events to volunteer opportunities at all levels, from organizing to baking.

  • Academics
  • Attendance
    • High School: Teresa Maguire, Administrative Assistant for the Dean of Students, 585-256-6114;
    • Middle School: Peggy Thomas, Administrative Assistant for the Middle School, 585-256-6175;
  • Athletics
  • BASH
    • Heather Whiting, Director of Special Events and Parent Relations, 585-256-6151;
  • Bus Transportation
    • Teresa Maguire, Administrative Assistant for the Dean of Students, 585-256-6114;
  • Campus Ministry and Service Hours
    • Kim Hanna, Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministry, 585-256-6138;
  • Financial aid
  • GOLD Card
  • Parents’ Association
  • Schoology
  • Son’s schedule

AMDG: ad maiorem Dei gloriam – for the Greater Glory of God, the Jesuit motto

BASH: Building A Scholastic Heritage. The annual school fundraiser which raises money to for financial aid, and to offset McQuaid’s annual operating budget. More than 300 student, parent, and faculty/staff volunteers, along with parent co-chairs make this event possible.

Blue sheets: A notice from the Middle School office documenting a missing homework assignment. When a student receives three blue sheets, the parents/guardians are then notified.

Cycle Day: McQuaid Jesuit operates on a 10 day cycle schedule. 1 day – 8 day, X day and Y day. 1 day through 8 day have 7 classes per day.  The X and Y day will be long period days with only 4 classes per day.  The cycle day is included on the calendar on Schoology.

The Dungeon: The area in the stadium bleachers where the Simba Society is located.

ED Day: Early Dismissal- On most Wednesdays, school is dismissed at 2:05 p.m.  There is no Flex period on an ED day.  However, there are several Wednesdays scattered throughout the year which are not ED days.

Fan Pack: A trio of t-shirts for sale to students in August/September in the bookstore. These shirts are worn at McQuaid athletic events to show spirit. They also provide entrance and free food at all McQuaid tailgates throughout the year.

Flex: Free period every day.  Students use this time to study, meet with teachers for extra help, take a make-up exam, etc.  The Cafeteria is open.

JUG: “Justice Under God.”  This is the McQuaid version of detention.  Its real meaning in Latin is “jugem,” meaning burden.

Knight for a Day: A prospective student who comes and shadows a current McQuaid student for a school day.

Mothers for Others: McQuaid moms who take part in various community service projects throughout the year. Look at the Service Committee on the PA website for more information.

Simba Cheer: A long standing tradition at McQuaid Jesuit. This cheer is performed at pep rallies, games, assemblies, etc.  Fun to watch; just don’t stand too close.

Simba Society: McQuaid Jesuit Cheering Squad.  They also plan pep rallies and student tailgates.

Z day: The Friday before Memorial Day weekend. There are activities such as the Faculty vs. Senior basketball/hockey competitions, field day games, and a picnic. Early dismissal.

Dress shirt, tie, pants, and blazer depending the time of year.  More details are published in the Student Handbook as well as the “Student Life” section on the website.  The Dean of Students, Dr. Parks, is the final arbiter of appropriate dress.

  • What happens if my son forgets a sports coat, tie, etc?
    • Students may borrow the item from the Middle School or Dr. Parks’ office for the day. Typically, belts are not available to be borrowed.
  • When does my son start and stop wearing his blazer?
    • It varies, mostly upon the weather.  Generally the blazer wearing starts in October and ends around May but is at the discretion of Dr. Parks.
  • Who is eligible to wear a sweater?
    • Students in all grades who have earned a McQuaid Jesuit letter (e.g., from a varsity sport, academic letter, letter from an academic team, etc.) may purchase a McQuaid Jesuit varsity letter sweater from the bookstore.  The sweater may then be worn in place of a suit coat on normal school days. Students may purchase the varsity letter sweater only after obtaining and completing a permission slip from the dean of students’ office. Once this is completed, the sweater may be ordered from the McQuaid Jesuit Bookstore only.  All Students should have a suit coat available for the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Advent Liturgy.

      Note:  Only seniors may wear non-Varsity Letter Sweaters in lieu of suit coats.  All students may wear them under their suit coat.

  • Any restrictions for shoes?
    • Refer to the Dress Code in the handbook and website.

Middle school students are required to have five hours/year. High school students are required to have at least 100 hours of service upon graduation.  Freshmen have ten hours/year satisfying the theme of “Care of God’s Creation, Sophomores have 20 hours/year satisfying the theme of “The life and dignity of the Human Person, and Juniors have 20 hours/year satisfying the theme of  “Option for the Poor. All seniors are required to complete an individual “Capstone Project” that must be at least 25 hours of service in total with a focus on serving the marginalized or under served populations. See the Campus Ministry webpage for more information and opportunities.

Middle school retreats are in the fall during one school day.  Ninth graders are required to participate in a one day class retreat; 10th graders may participate in a three day, two night Emmaus Retreat and 11th graders may participate in a four day, three night Kairos Retreat. See the Campus Ministry Page for more information and dates.

Welcome Back Mass and Pot Luck Dinner – Open to the entire McQuaid community

Mass of the Holy Spirit – Open to the entire McQuaid community

Advent Mass – While all students attend, this is a special Mass for seniors and their parents.  There will be very limited seating for others.

Daily Mass – is offered most school days in the chapel at 7:30 a.m.  It is open to all.  Students can attend and still arrive to homeroom on time.

Students who are not Catholic are still required to attend the school’s masses and prayer services.  They are encouraged to participate as much as they are comfortable (i.e. praying, singing, etc).

This can be done online by clicking here, or in person in the finance office.

  • Pickup for buses/cars – where and when – there is a directory in the Middle School Office.  The Dean of Students’ office in the high school will also have this information.
  • Where can I find the master school schedule with days off?
    • The school calendar can be found on the website.
  • When should I call the public school bus garage to see if they will be running?
    • If a public school is closed, the buses will NOT provide transportation to McQuaid.  Also if McQuaid has a half day, your district may not provide service until 3 p.m. You should always contact your local transportation department for specific dates and details.