2018-19 Meetings

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m.

PA “Welcome Back” Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 – 7pm
Time: 50 Minutes

1. The meeting was opened by Adam Baber who provided a prayer & welcomed the new attendees.
• Kelly McCarthy – Welcomed group, introduced the Executive Committee.
• Everyone should be receiving the newsletter as their primary source of up to date PA information. Daily Schoology messages we are finding are not compatible with AOL email addresses. Contact pa@mcquaid.org if you’re not getting these or the newsletters. The website is the other source of information for McQuaid families to get information on all of the activities of the PA. Visit the Parents tab at www.mcquaid.org.

2. The Executive Committees were introduced.
A. Communications –
1. Monthly Newsletter – Resource of everything going on within the PA – emailed @ the 15th of every month.
2. Website – Registrations; Useful links; Pictures from our events, etc.
3. The Daily Announcements will be your resource for up to the minute information about everything happening at McQuaid. The instructions on how to receive the “Daily” via email can be found under useful links on the Parents Tab of the website.
4. Email Blast – Will be Limited
5. Any Questions or Suggestions can be emailed to pa@mcquaid.org

2. NEW Programs and Events from the PA this year – 30 Minutes
A.  Co-ed Events Committee – Kelly McCarthy, Co-President, Melissa Teresi & Carolyn Gerstner

Fall Coffeehouse – an offsite, co-ed event on Friday, October 13 at the Lovin’ Cup from 5-7:30pm provided to you by the Co-Ed Events Committee.

B.  Education Committee – Cathy Tan, Vice President, & Cathy-Buyer Davis

– Middle School officers working with Mrs. Suter (MS Moderator) and Kari DePalma (PA Box Tops coordinator) to spearhead the Box Tops project.

– Parent Speaker Series – the first of four speakers, Phyllis Fagell,  will be here on Monday, October 16.

C.  Events & Hospitality Committee – Kim Campbell, Co-President & Judy Pribe, Nicole Sayers, Renee LaLonde

– Fall Fashion Show, Sunday, October 29 –   Fall Fashion Show replaces Mother’s Tea. 11:00-11:30 is an mothers of alumni reception, prior to the event at 11:30 at Shadow Lake, brunch & fashion. Reserve your spot or table now! Registration is open on the website.

D. Communication Committee – Andi Balland, Secretary, & Laurie Hazard

– Swap & Shop update given. Hoping to launch it soon with details provided in an upcoming newsletter.

E. Co-Ed Service Opportunities (M&M service) – Service Committee –Alisia Chase, Co-President, & Connie DiFelice, Glenna Colaprete

– Joint service projects, has had a strong response with the Mercy community. Scheduled for this Sunday, 10/1 @ 10am. Brunch followed by volunteers planting bulbs and clearing weeds from the grave markers of the homeless and indigent. Bring planting tools and bulbs to be planted.

F.  Spiritual Committee – Kelly Darby, Treasurer, & JoAnne Geen and Pam Cairns, Committee Chairs
– Father-Son Breakfast is on January 28th @ 10am. Lenten Mother-Son Reflection will be held on March 11 with Damian Zynda.

3. Volunteer – 5 Minutes – Cathy Tan
A. Events & Hospitality Committee – IPad for sign up

B. Committee chair positions & volunteering spots open, please sign up on the iPads available before leaving. Executive Committee positions will be available this spring.

4. Meeting adjourned with social immediately following.