Affording McQuaid Jesuit

McQuaid Jesuit is committed to making a Jesuit education affordable to all students who qualify for admission. No family (no matter their level of income) pays 100 percent of the cost to educate a McQuaid Jesuit man. Tuition is just one of our streams of revenue, and it covers about 80 percent of total costs. Alumni and other donors graciously subsidize about $1.5 million in revenue through the Annual Fund, BASH, and other fundraising initiatives. An annual draw on the school’s endowment of about $400 thousand covers the rest.

2020-21 Tuition

Grade 6 Grades 7-11 Grade 12
$13,540 $15,400 $15,700*

*Includes a $300 fee that covers costs associated with graduation and tuxedo rental

Payment Plans

The following payment plans are available:

  • One-Payment Plan: Full payment is due August 15, 2020. A $100 discount is available if full payment is received by the due date and no financial aid is received.
  • Two-Payment Plan: One half of the total balance is due August 15, 2020 and the other half January 15, 2021. A $25 discount is available for each payment received by the due date and no financial aid is received.
  • Eleven-Month Payment Plan: Payments are due on the 20th of each month beginning in July and running through May. This plan requires an electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a savings or checking account.

Delinquent Tuition Policy

It is imperative that payments are made in accordance with the tuition agreement. When an account becomes delinquent and alternative arrangements have not been agreed upon with the Finance Office, students will not be eligible to participate in organized school activities including, but not limited to, sports and theatre productions. Financial aid for the upcoming school year will not be granted until all student accounts are current. McQuaid is always willing to work with families who experience unforeseen financial hardship in whatever ways it can to assist in such matters; however, it is critical that they be discussed in advance of missed payments.

Seniors will not be allowed to start their final school year due to non-payment of a prior year’s tuition until payment arrangements have been agreed upon with the Finance Office to bring their account current. Senior transcripts will also not be released until all accounts are current, which may delay the college application process.

Returned Monthly EFT Payments

  • Any returned EFT payment for non-sufficient funds will result in an email communication stating that payment must be made within 10 days by cash, check, money order or credit card (an additional NSF fee in the amount of $15.00 will be applied). Any EFT which is held at the request of the financially responsible party will need to be replaced within 10 days by cash, check, money order or credit card.
  • More than one returned EFT payment or one held EFT payment will require that the financially responsible party schedule a meeting with the Finance Office to review their tuition contract and discuss payment arrangements.

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