Man of La Mancha Cast

Man of La Mancha Cast

First, I want to thank all of you who auditioned for Man of La Mancha. As a stage musical the show opened on Broadway in 1965 with four Broadway revivals and is still going strong. In March, McQuaid will add to the lengthy, worldwide list of productions with a strong and talented cast of students who will add their own touch to the show.

Please note, the Read-Thru will be held this Wednesday (12/6) in the McQuaid auditorium starting at 3:30, at which time you will receive your script and music. You should come prepared with 1) a three-ring binder and 2) a pencil, both of which you should bring to every rehearsal.

I am very pleased to be able to announce the following cast for McQuaid’s spring, 2024 production of Man of La Mancha. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and working with you for the next three months to create a memorable production for you and your audiences.                                                      

Mrs. Stoffel – Artistic Director 

Sancho PanzaAaron Lynch
Cervantes/QuixoteNate Lynch
GovernorVincent Vanderburgh
Duke/Knight of Mirror/CarrascoIzzy Wortman
TenorioEthan Whiting
PacoDylan Phannao
JuanDylan Brown
AnselmoJavier Arroyo
PedroThomas Lynch
Guitar PlayerCharles Sutton
Aldonza (Dulcinea)Ava Moyle
InnkeeperCole Karnisky
MariaAddison Washington
FerminaEllie Schnittman
AntoniaMarie Mulherin
HousekeeperSabrina Reyda
PadreAndy Magioncaldo
BarberDylan Phannao
Morrish Girl (Dancer)Imani Ivey
Attendants to the Knight
David Muprhy
Owen Donanhower
Thomas Lynch
Dylan Brown
Trevor Patel
HorseMarie Mulherin
DonkeySabrina Reyda
David Murphy
Owen Donahower
Trevor Patel
Ellie Schnittman
Thomas Lynch
Dylan Brown
Trevor Patel
David Murphy
Owen Donahower

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