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January 31 Costume fitting schedule

When students aren’t getting fit for a costume, report to the BlackBox for your headshot photo.

3:00-3:20 Mr. Hoelperl, Mr. Smith, Mr. DePippo, Mr. Hood, Mr. Hochadel

3:20-3:40 Mr. Crockett, Mr. Baber, Ms. Whiting, Mr. Galambos, Ms. Bucukovski

3:40-4:00 Albert, Specs, Henry, Finch, Romeo

4:00-4:20 Elmer, Mush, Buttons, Splasher, Tommy Boy

4:40-5:00 Jo Jo, Mike, Ike, Scabs 1, 2, & 3

5:00-5:20 Spot, Darcy, Bill, Morris, Oscar, Goon

5:20-5:40 Mary Maya, Paige, Maddie, Sarah, Lily, Alisia, Carbin, Ethan, Ramon, Rodney, Jamie, Brennan, Aidan, Garrett

Costume Fitting Schedule PDF