“Our Town” Auditions

Widely considered one of the greatest American play ever written, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town presents the audience with the small New Hampshire town of Grover’s Corners, following the citizens through three acts: “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage,” and “Death and Eternity.” Breathtaking in its simplicity, the play focuses on the Webb and Gibbs families as their children fall in love, marry, and start their own lives…leading to one of the most famous scenes in American theatre.  Come be a part of a true classic!

Frequently-Asked Questions


Welcome to the auditions for McQuaid Jesuit’s production of Our Town.  Here is some basic information about the play as well as the audition and rehearsal processes that you may find useful.

Q:  What is the play about?

A:  Thornton Wilder’s Our Town tells the story of the fiction town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire at the turn-of-the-20th-Century.  It shows the daily life of many of the citizens of the town as well focuses on the romance of two teenagers who live in the town.  The main character of the play is a figure called “The Stage Manager,” who both speaks directly to the audience as well directs the actors and stage crew over the course of the play.

Q:  Who is directing?

A:  The play will be directed by Mr. Jeff Siuda, a twenty-year veteran of the McQuaid Jesuit English department.  Mr. Siuda is also a trained actor and director who has been involved in the Rochester theatre community for close to twenty years, having acted and directed for such theatres as Geva Theatre Center, Blackfriars, and JCC Centerstage.  He is also the co-owner of Out of Pocket, Inc., another local theatre company.

Q:  When is the production?

A:  We will perform the play four (4) times, on Wednesday, November 14 through Saturday, November 17th, all at 7:30 PM.

 Q:  Do I have to have read the play to audition?

A:  No.  All the information you need about the play will be provided.

Q:  What roles are available?

A:  Our Town has a large cast of characters.  They are listed on the attached sheet.  Please note that it is more than likely that one actor may play several characters.

Q:  What will the audition process consist of?

A:  Small groups of auditioners will be brought into the auditorium, one group at a time, to read selected scenes from the script.  Your job as an auditioner is just to bring as much energy and passion as the scene calls for; you may be asked to read the scene again after being given suggestions by the director.  It is very likely that you may be asked to read multiple scenes.

Q:  Do I have to come to both days of auditions?

A:  No.  Just choose the day that is most convenient for you.

Q:  How will I know if I have been cast?

A:  The cast list will be posted on the McQuaid Jesuit website (https://mcquaid.org/student-life/theatre/our-town-cast-information/).  Once posted, you will be asked to indicate whether or not you accept the role.

Q:  When will rehearsals start?

A:  Rehearsals will begin immediately on Monday, September 24th at 3:30 PM with a read-through of the play followed by a pantomime workshop on Tuesday, September 25th, also at 3:30 pm.  ALL cast member ate expected to attend.  A regular rehearsal schedule will proceed from there.

Q:  How often will we rehearse?

A:  We will typically rehearse Monday-Thursday, from 3:30-5:30.   There will also be occasional Friday, Saturday, and Sunday rehearsals.  If cast, actors will receive a complete rehearsal schedule detailing rehearsal times and dates.

Q:  Will I have to attend every rehearsal?

A:  That depends.  If you have a larger role, you will probably have to attend most if not all rehearsals.  Actors with smaller roles may have to attend less frequently.  You only need to attend those rehearsals for which you are called.

Q:  What is “tech week” and when is it?

A:    “Tech Week” is the several days before opening, in which the play is rehearsed fully, with lights, makeup, sound, set pieces, etc.  All actors are required to be available for all of “tech week” –which in this case will be from Saturday, November 10 through Tuesday, November 13—except for the direst of emergencies.

Our Town:

Available Roles:

Men:                                                              Women:

Stage Manager                                                                       Mrs. Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs                                                                                   Mrs. Webb

Joe Crowell                                                                              Rebecca Gibbs

Howie Newsome                                                                    Emily Webb

George Gibbs                                                                          Woman in the Balcony

Wally Webb                                                                             Lady in the Auditorium

Professor Willard                                                                   Mrs. Soames

Man in the Auditorium                                                        Woman Among the Dead

Simon Stimson

Constable Warren

Si Crowell

Baseball Player #1

Baseball Player #2

Baseball Player #3

Sam Craig

Joe Stoddard

Farmer McCarty

Man Among the Dead