Something Rotten! Cast

Something Rotten! Cast

Let me first say how pleased I am that so many of you came to audition for “Something Rotten”. Needless to say, those of us responsible for casting this show had our work cut out for us and you should know that we spent several hours making up the final list. You should know that in addition to your ability to act, sing and dance, class year and your listed conflicts were also taken into consideration. Originally, we had selected this show to be done a couple of years ago and then the pandemic hit, forcing us to rethink our selection, but now is the time to bring “Something Rotten” to McQuaid. 

For all who have been cast, the read-thru will be on Monday in the auditorium starting at 3:30 at which time you will receive a rehearsal schedule up to Christmas break. Please bring a binder with you as you will also be receiving your script. Make sure to keep checking the website for any changes to the schedule. 

If you have not been cast you might also want to consider talking to Mr. Karnisky about working on the crew for the show as a way to still be involved. I would also hope that if your schedule permits, you will return to McQuaid to see “Something Rotten” in March. In any event, if you are an underclassman we look forward to seeing you back here next year to audition for our 2024 spring musical. Again, my sincere thanks to you all. 

Mrs. Stoffel – Artistic Director 

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Scene/Song Break Down

Something Rotten! Cast

ShakespeareRaymond Warth
Nick BottomNate Lynch
Nigel BottomAiden Blatter
NostradamusCole Karnisky
BeaGrace Reese
Brother JeremiahBen Fetzner
PortiaAvery Egger
Minstrel (Ensemble/Chorus)Aaron Lynch
Lady Clapham (Ensemble Act II)Annabeth Morris
ShylockJamie Kosten
Tom SnoutSean Beechey
RobinDan Hanna
Peter QuinceAaron Lynch
Francis FlueAndy Magioncalda
SnugPaul Guadagna
Astrologer (Ensemble/Chorus)Carissa Guadagna
Psychic Woman (Ensemble/Chorus)Ava Moyle
Eyepatch Man 
Haggard Woman (Ensemble/Chorus)Hannah Yaravitz
Foreman/Clerk (Ensemble/Chorus)John Giess
Messenger (Ensemble/Chorus)Sabrina Reyda
Waitress/Miranda (Ensemble/Chorus)Ella Pratt
Doorman/Master of Justice (Ensemble/Chorus)Izzy Wortman
Panicked Woman/Helena (Ensemble/Chorus)Anna Spagnola
Valet (Ensemble/Chorus)Magdalene Ramich
Horatio/Footman (Ensemble/Chorus)John Leitten
TownspeopleEthan Whiting, Dylan Phannao,
PuritansAdy Larwood, Hannah Yaravitz, Magdalene Ramich, Sabrina Reyda, Ava Moyle, Ella Pratt, Anna Spagnola, Annabeth Morris
Grim Reapers (Dancers)Jane Atkinson, Grace Del Prete, Ady Larwood, Hannah LaRuez
Bard GirlsJane Atkinson, Grace Del Prete, Ady Larwood, Hannah LaRuez
Three ChefsSean Beechey, Dan Hanna, Aaron Lynch
EggsJane Atkinson, Grace Del Prete, Ady Larwood, Hannah LaRuez (Sad Little Egg), Alexcia Domenico
GalleryJohn Leitten, Lauren Lampe