Book an Event at McQuaid

Please complete the form below AFTER your date and room have been confirmed.

  • If you haven’t reserved your date and room, contact Mark Thomey, ’89 (585) 256-6100 to do so.
  • You must also contact Drew Dennett (585) 256-6115 to inform him of your event at least two weeks prior.
  • What time do you need access to the building? If it is after regular school hours, be sure to indicate what time you need the doors unlocked.
  • What doors will your guests be using? Make sure to fill out the form accordingly. They will be electronically opened and locked according to what the form indicates.
  • Does the alarm need to be reset? If your event will end (last person out) after 11 p.m. M-F or after 6 p.m. Sat or Sun., you need to request to have the alarm reset.
  • Do you need AV equipment? Equipment must be pre-ordered/arranged. In most cases AV/tech support will not be onsite the day of your event so last minute requests cannot be fulfilled. Contact McQuaid Tech Support for AV need.
  • Do you need round tables for seating or can you use the cafeteria tables with seats attached?
  • Those responsible for planning events should consult with Parkhurst, our cafeteria dining service. From banquets to pizza parties, Parkhurst is prepared to serve the very best for a reasonable cost.
  • Do you need the lights turned on? Make sure you know how to do that prior to your event. Some are hidden and on the weekends no one will be here to assist. (If you are having a Mass the priests will take care of the chapel.)
  • For many events there will NOT be any maintenance staff available to assist you the day of your event. Be sure to confirm all details prior to your event.

Make Sure You:

  • Book the chapel
  • Call Penny Gonzalez to check Jesuit availability
  • Find readers, Eucharistic ministers, gift bearers etc.
  • The readings will be the daily readings for that date. They can be found at
  • Any questions contact Penny Gonzalez
  • If your event is on a weekend please make sure all garbage is taken outside to the dumpsters.
  • Clear all tables and dispose of all food and beverages. Maintenance will take down all tables and chairs,
  • On weekends there will be no maintenance staff on duty. Confirm all requested items prior to event via email to
  • If you need AV equipment you must request it through McQuaid Tech Support at at least two weeks prior to the event.