Board of Trustees

McQuaid’s trustees are intrinsically tied to the school’s mission, which the National Association of Independent Schools considers “one of the most important responsibilities of every independent school board.” The board also maintains the fiduciary duties of “care, loyalty, and obedience” and is responsible for school finances, hiring and evaluating the president, maintaining board policies, confronting and ensuring challenges, and gaining consensus with fellow trustees.


Mr. Thomas D’Antonio, P ’06, ’07, ’12
Chair, Board of Trustees

Mr. Craig Cairns, P ’06, ’14, ’16, ’18, ’21, ’28

Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees

Mr. Adam BaberMr. Emery T. Lewis, '06
Mr. Patrick Bailey, P '19, '19, '19, '26Dr. Paul Levy, P '10
Mr. Charles Caranci Jr., P '14, '16Hon. Patricia Marks, P '05
Mr. Joseph Carney, '78, P '07, '09Mr. Tony Oroszlany
Mr. Daniel Cunniffe, P '28Mr. Christopher Schott, ‘84
Mr. John DiMarco, II, ’88, P ’18, ‘20Rev. Thomas Slon, S.J.
Ms. Meghan DiPasquale, P '16Mrs. Lisa Soprano, P '16, '23
Mr. Joe Doyle, 02
Mr. Paul Wilmot, '94
Mr. P.J. Guisto, '84, P '20Mr. Greg Woodard, '88, P '23
Mr. Robert Jacobson, P '21, '23Mr. James Zielinski, P '08, '12
Rev. Philip Judge, S.J.

Honorary Trustees

Mr. Thomas Nientimp, ’59, P ’87, ’89

Mr. Philip Pecora, ’88, P ’21

Mr. Peter Rodgers, P ’98, ’03