High School

The school year consists of two semesters, each of which consists of two marking periods. Teachers submit grades for students at the end each marking period. Students take comprehensive semester exams in January and June.

Required Courses

English4 credits
Social Studies4 credits
Theology4 credits
Foreign Language3 credits*
Mathematics3 credits
Science3 credits
Physical Education/Health2.5 credits
Fine Arts1 credit
Electives6 credits

*Three credits or the third year course of the same language is required.
**A 1/2 credit course is taken each year in Physical Education.

  • Students must take a minimum of 7.5 credits each year and must pass all courses (required and elective) to be eligible for promotion or graduation.
  • Students must remediate any failed classes prior to the start of the next academic year.

Honors & Academic Letters

Honors with DistinctionAverage of 95, no numeric grade below 70 and no grades of F, U, or INC
First HonorsAverage of 90, no numeric grade below 70 and no grades of F, U, or INC
Second HonorsAverage of 85, no numeric grade below 70 and no grades of F, U, or INC

Academic Letters are awarded to students earning 39 points. Points are based on course averages. Bars are awarded each time a student earns an additional 39 points.

National Honor Society

McQuaid Jesuit sponsors a chapter of the National Honor Society. Students are eligible following first semester junior year. A second consideration is made at the beginning of senior year. Selection is based upon a student demonstrating four characteristics specified by the National Association: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. A McQuaid Jesuit student must have a cumulative average of 90.00 to apply for membership. Since occasional questions arise about the nature of “service,” it should be noted that the committee looks for a student’s commitment to service through frequent and sustained activity in church, school, and community.