High School

The school year consists of two semesters, each of which consists of two marking periods. At the end of each marking period, teachers submit a marking period grade for each student.  At the end of each semester there is a four- or five-day exam period, during which comprehensive semester examinations are given for some courses. For a complete list of courses offered click here.

Required Courses

The high school credits required for graduation are as follows:

English 4 credits
Foreign Language 3 credits*
Lab Science 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit
Social Studies 4 credits
Physical Education 2 credits**
Theology 4 credits
Electives 6 credits
Health 1/2 credit

*Three credits or the third year course of the same language is required.
**A 1/2 credit course is taken each year in Physical Education.

Students must take a full schedule of courses each year and must pass all courses, required and elective, to be eligible for promotion or graduation. To pass a subject, a student must achieve a grade of 70 or higher for the course.  Since McQuaid Jesuit does not allow a student to repeat a course in the next academic year, a student must remediate a failure prior to the start of the next academic year.