In Memoriam

Please remember the recently deceased members of the McQuaid Jesuit community in your prayers.

Marie SiconolfiJune 1Wife of Robert Siconolfi, ’64
Walter EisenhauerMay 30Father of Jacob Eisenhauer, ’95
Isabell FinaMay 26Mother of Joseph Fina, ’78 and Michael Fina, ’86
Michael DavisMay 25Father of Matthew Davis, ’21
Gloria RiccoMay 23Mother of Stephen Ricco, ’74
John C. Steckel ’62May 22
Joseph KristanMay 22Father of Michael Kristan, ’83
John HauberMay 19Father of Craig Hauber, ’96 and Kurt Hauber, ’06
Barbara MoynihanMay 17Wife of Thomas Moynihan, ’63, mother of Mark Moynihan, ’97, and Kristi Mabelis, current faculty, and sister of Frank Geraci, ’69
Donald J. Capuano, ’59May 14Father of Donald Capuano, ’89
Stuart NorrisMay 11Father of Maxwell Norris, ’07
Michela PalucciMay 9Mother of Maurice Palucci, ’81
Charles GravesMay 8Son of Charles Graves, ’68
Joan DellMay 7Mother of Paul Dell, ’85
Mary Ann CoreaMay 6Mother of Christopher Corea, ’87 and Marc Corea, ’95
Regina BuddMay 6Mother of Matthew Budd, ’97
John CreaturaApril 28Father of Lawrence Creatura, ’83
Doreena HamesApril 24Mother of Hollis Hames, ’98
Mark StevensApril 23Father of Wes Stevens, ’01
David TreeseApril 22
Mary Joyce McCannaApril 18Mother of David McCanna, ’84
Raymond DryApril 17Father of Raymond Dry, ’92
Edward WallerApril 11Father of Edward Waller, ’86 and Scott Waller, ’90. Former faculty member and coach.
Stephen K. Lewis, ’64April 10Brother of Richard Lewis, ’63 and Peter Lewis, ’76
Joseph CulottaApril 9Father of Michael Culotta, ’75
Beverly TomainoApril 6Mother of Mark Tomaino, ’78, Matthew Tomaino, ’78, and Michael Tomaino, ’82
Donald T. Aselin, ’65April 5
James T. Ritzenthaler, ’80March 28
Howard Jones Jr. March 24Father of Howard Jones, ’00
Richard MuchardMarch 23Father of A. Michael Muchard, ’93 and Justin Muchard, ’95
William J. Dalton III, ’58March 21
William FerenchakMarch 17Father of Marc Ferenchak, ’89
Joseph HammeleMarch 15Father of Edward Hammele, ’84
James T. Condon, ’64March 11
Dennis A. Pilato, ’65March 10
Michael McAuleyMarch 9Father of Gavin McAuley and grandfather of Roan McAuley, ’22 and Nyal McAuley, ’24
Judy McKechneyMarch 4Mother of Christopher McKechney, ’85 and Michael McKechney, ’88
James PaulMarch 2Father of Christopher Paul, ’82
Nancy TonucciMarch 7Mother of Todd Tonucci, ’88
Patricia LangeMarchMother of Jason Lange, ’97
Daniel C. Koon, ’93February 29
Stephen A. Foti, ’61February 26Father of Stephen Foti, ’86 and Paul Foti, 88
Jeanne HalabyFebruary 24Mother of Jon Halaby, ’88
Matthew ConradFebruary 23Son of Thomas Conrad, ’60
Emily CaseyFebruary 22Wife of Allen Casey, ’06
Ferdinand LewandowskiFebruary 20Father of Stephen Lewandowski, ’85
Kevin T. Smallridge, ’74February 16Brother of John Smallridge, ’77
Betty SchraderFebruary 16Wife of Norman Schrader, ’75
Edwin Stone Jr.February 16Father of Edwin Stone III, ’02
Nancy HoughtlingFebruary 15Mother of John Houghtling, ’80
Therese LynchFebruary 13Mother of Terrance Lynch, ’77 and Michael Lynch, ’76
Mary Lou RuncimanFebruary 12Mother of William Runciman, ’74
Paul F. Sadler, ’65February 11Former faculty member
Catherine StarkweatherFebruary 4Wife of John Starkweather, ’76
Hugh H. Higgins, ’74February 2Brother of Thomas Higgins, ’77 and father of Iain Higgins, ’14
Dennis M. Collins, ’68January 29Brother of David Collins, ’75
Anne Marie CollinsJanuary 26Mother of Thomas Collins, ’96 and David Katz, ’89
Jerome J. Ochs, ’60January 24
Gerard F. McDermott, ’59January 23Father of Eric McDermott, ’87
Craig DenglerJanuary 21Father of Chris Dengler, ’00
William N. Moroz, ’60January 18
Charles P. Lissow, ’62January 10Brother of Michael F. Lossow, ’66
Alice KitchenDecember 30Mother of Dwight Kitchen, ’80
Gabriel Zanch Sr.December 30Father of Gabriel Zanch Jr., ’86
John Eilertsen Sr.December 28Father of John Eilertsen Jr. ’94
John A. Mahoney, ’59December 27
Peter G. Wambach, ’91December 27Brother of Matthew Wamback, ’91 and Patrick Wambach, ’94
Timothy J. Scharf, ’59December 26Brother of Gregory Scharf, ’61 and Christopher Scharf, ’67
Annlouise GentDecember 24Mother of Eric Gent, ’77
Kathleen GordonDecember 20Wife of Edwin Gordon, ’59 and mother of John Gordon, ’83 and Brian Gordon, ’88
Debra IlerDecember 20Mother of William Bruckel, ’07
Dwight Kitchen Jr.December 16Father of Dwight Kitchen, ’80
James P. Welch, ’68December 13
Richard D. Thurston, ’63December 12
Joan HoeffelDecember 10Mother of John Hoeffel, ’79
Donald P. Byrne, ’61December 9
John WilsonDecember 9Father of Micah Wilson, ’89
Lionel HerbeckDecember 9Father of Tony Herbeck, ’74
Clinton Farnsworth IIIDecember 8Father of Gregory Farnsworth, ’14 and Joseph Farnsworth, ’16
Carol LafontaineDecember 4Wife of Thomas Lafontaine, ’73
Lillian DegnanDecember 1Mother of Peter Degnan, ’81
Sarah QuirkNovember 28Mother of Andrew Quirk, ’93
Craig Kennedy, ’76November 26Brother of Stephen Kennedy, ’71 and Douglas Kennedy, ’75
Louis BouchardNovember 25Louis Bouchard, ’84
Robert J. Betterton, II, ’74November 20Brother of James Betterton, ’78
Barbara GibbonsNovember 15Mother of William Gibbons, ’79 and Peter Gibbons, ’81
James D. Elam, ’72November 6
Margaret McCabeNovember 5Wife of Tom McCabe, ’59
Thomas E. Fuerst, ’63November 5Father of Timothy Fuerst, ’00
Kenneth A. Caschette, ’69November 3Father of Jason Henderson, ’90 and brother of Richard Caschette, ’72
Olga WirloOctober 31Mother of Markian Wirlo, ’89 and Alexander Wirlo, ’01
Richard W. Lenhard, ’65October 29
P. Frank PappalardoOctober 28Father of Daniel Pappalardo, ’84 and Drank Pappalardo, ’82, brother of Neil Pappalardo, ’60
Eric FranklinOctober 24Son of Daniel Franklin, ’71
Anne KellyOctober 24Mother of Sean Kelly, ’78 and Paul Kelly, ’81
Carolyn WoolaverOctober 15Mother of Daniel Woolaver, ’76
Michael J. Cawley, ’81October 13Brother of William Cawley, ’68, Kevin Cawley, ’71, Sean Cawley, ’75, Timothy Cawley, ’76, and Brian Cawley, ’79
Robert J. Wafer, ’69October 13
Michael J. Walsh, ’67October 12Brother of Gregory Walsh, ’68
David F. Eckl, ’69October 8
Helen ElamOctober 6Mother of Jim Elam, ’72
John EnrightOctober 6Father of John Enright, ’81 and James Enright, ’82
James ScheuerOctober 4Father of Brett Scheuer, current staff member.
Patrick DriscollOctober 4Brother of David Driscoll, ’17
Paul Del VecchioOctober 3Brother of Justin Del Vecchio, ’92 and Stephen Del Vecchio, ’84
Paul KressOctober 3Father of JP Kress, ’83 and Timothy Kress, ’88
Donald J. Adsit, ’62OctoberBrother of David Adsit, ’60, Douglas Adsit, ’64, and Dennis Adsit ’76
Ann KubiakSeptember 27Mother of Brian Kubiak, ’94
Daniel Kinsky, ’63September 25Father of Daniel Kinsky, ’87
Mary PeacockSeptember 21Mother of Steve Peacock, ’88, Dan Peacock, ’86, and George Peacock, ’80
Hudson C. Ansley, ’91September 21
Jeffrey J. May, ’64September 18
Mary Ellen UrzettaSeptember 11Mother of Joe Urzetta, ’74
Hunter SkinnerSeptember 11Former member of the class of 2016
Edward T. McDonough III, ’72September 9Brother of Kevin McDonough, ’73 and James McDonough, ’77
Andrea BosackSeptember 8Mother of Chase Bosack, ’30
Adrea BosackSeptember 7Mother of Chase Bosack, ’30
Thomas Smock, ’63September 3
Gail YoungSeptember 2Mother of Michael Young, ’83
David B. Duffy, ’75September 2Brother of Fr. Chris Duffy, S.J.
Thomas SchaefferAugust 16Former faculty member
Janice SilverAugust 15Mother of Michael Kellam, ’86
Fr. James F. Keenan, S.J. August 13Former McQuaid President
F. John Schifferli, ’61August 11
Thomas G. Baker, ’71August 10Brother of Francis Baker, ’67
David RappAugust 8Father of Steve Rapp, ’70 and Brian Rapp, ’85
Michael Spiegel, ’65August 8Father of Quentin Spiegel, ’88, grandfather of Michael Spiegel, ’23
Rosemary BlandaAugust 8Former staff member
Debra Marie VargasAugust 7Wife of Steve Vargas, McQuaid Staff Member
Robert MacaulayAugust 5Father of Callin Macaulay, ’91
Mary KleinAugust 4Former faculty member
Fr. William J. O’Malley, S.J.July 30Former McQuaid staff member
Nalin ChaudhryJuly 28Father of Kieran Chaudhry, ’96
John KuebelJuly 27Father of David Kuebel, ’79
Donna WioskowskiJuly 24Wife of Chris Sweeney, ’69
Paul NasipakJuly 19Father of Christopher Nasipak, ’90
Ruth DiVencenzoJuly 16Mother of Joseph DiVencenzo, ’79 and John DiVencenzo, ’82
Wayne BuddJuly 14Father of Matthew Budd, ’96
Robert RohrerJuly 11Father of Robert Rohrer, ’79 and Thomas Rohrer, ’81
Diane AselinJuly 8Wife of Donald Aselin, ’65
Joseph MakowiecJuly 2Father of Joseph Makowiec, ’74 and James Makowiec, ’76
Julie FitzsimmonsJuly 2Mother of Phil Fitzsimmons, ’82 and Charlie Fitzsimmons, ’87

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