In Memoriam

Please remember the recently deceased members of the McQuaid Jesuit community in your prayers.

Joseph D. Picciotti III, ’80November 16
Lynda BondNovember 14Mother of William Bond, ’87
Theodore KrenzerNovember 11Father of Andrew Krenzer, ’74
James MasonNovember 9Father of Dan Mason, ’85
Robert Fallone Jr.November 7Father of Robert Fallone III, ’13
Kevin WellingNovember 6Father of Stephen Welling, ’84 and Kenneth Welling, ’88
Jean Hoffman November 4Father of Stephen Hoffman, ’69
Arnold CiaccioNovember 1Father of Chris Ciaccio, ’76 and James Ciaccio, ’70
Howard F. Angione, ’58October 31
R. Emmet Connor October 30Father of Donald Connor, ’61 and James Connor, ’63
Robert A. Barone, ’65October 27
Michael JohnsmanOctober 27Father of Annette Weidmann from McQuaid’s office of Mission & Ministry
Joan FleckensteinOctober 25Mother of Luke Fleckenstein, ’83
Mariana Givens CraverOctober 21Mother of William Craver, ’75, John Craver, ’78, and James Craver, ’82
David A. Griffin, ’62October 20Brother of Michael Griffin, ’63
Joyce D’AgostinoOctoberMother of Charles D’ Agostino, ’72
Frank Galusha Sr. October 14Father of Frank Galusha, ’01 and William Galusha, ’04
Richard RiceOctober 13Father of Craig Rice, ’79
Eugene BurkeOctober 9Father of Andrew Burke, ’02
Anthony ParisiOctober 9Father of Christopher Parisi, ’80
Alexander L. Ferris, ’85October 3
Joseph A. Lamendola, ’04September
Christian J. Colacino, ’90September 30Brother of Patrick Colacino, ’92
Donald MorganSeptember 27Father of Mark Morgan, ’88
Rosemarie ThummlerSeptember 26Mother of Gary Thummler, ’91
Arlene SigmundSeptember 22Mother of Kenneth Sigmund, ’72
Jeffrey D. Stuhler, ’89September 21
Michael FrancescoSeptember 21Father of Michael Francesco, ’76
James Keenan September 13Father of James Keenan, ’69, William Keenan, ’72, Daniel Keenan, ’74, Peter Keenan, ’76, and Michael Keenan, ’81
Michael J. Cramer, ’71September 12Brother of Owen Cramer, ’74
Carl B. Romeo, ’60September 10Father of James Romeo, ’00
Ronald AndersonSeptember 6Father of Thomas Anderson, ’89, John Anderson, ’83, Eric Anderson, ’80, Karen Cavacos, and Susan Jenkins
Charles WrightSeptember 4Father of Travis Wright, ’05
Girand “Jerry” SnajderSeptember 1Father of Edward Snajder, ’83, Patrick Snajder, ’95, and Max Snajder, ’98
Roger NelsonAugust 25Father of Scott Nelson, ’83
Terrance H. O’Donnell, ’58August 15
Beatrice WolfordAugust 13Wife of Michael Wolford, ’59
Ruth Ann Hickman KershawAugust 6Sister of Faculty Member, Susan Hickman
Robert A. Steenburgh, ’85July 28
Joseph BalloneJuly 27Father of Ken Ballone, ’77
Stephen LaSalleJuly 26Father of Stephen LaSalle, ’79
Theodore PittinaroJuly 16Father of Scott Pittinaro, ’88
Patricia AmorosoJuly 12Mother of Joe Amoroso, ’84, Jeff Amoroso, ’85, and Matt Amoroso, ’90
Catherine DiLellaJuly 6Mother of Joseph DeLella, ’86 (RIP) and David DiLella, ’91
George WolfJuly 6Father of George Wolf, ’75
Victoria O’NeillJuly 1Mother of Sean O’Neill, ’02
James W. Peters, ’65July 1
Ronald JensenJune 20Father of Timothy Jensen, ’96
Frances EberlingJune 14Mother of Robert Eberling Jr., ’74 (RIP)
Rosemarie BayerJune 2Mother of Michael Bayer, ’71, Andrew Bayer, ’78, and Tom Bayer, ’81.
Grandmother of Joseph Shaeffer, ’95, Nicholas Bayer, ’11,
and Matthew Bayer, ’13. Former McQuaid employee from 1981-92.
Robert McVeighJune 2Father of Kevin McVeigh, ’79 and Mark McVeigh, ’82
Rita MaginMay 30Wife of Gerard Magin, ’63
Genevieve SolazzoMay 30Mother of Anthony Solazzo, ’79 and David Solazzo, ’88
James FinnMay 28Father of Clifford Finn, ’83
Ian T. Horning, ’11May 25
Anthony DiMarzoMay 22Father of Steven DiMarzo, ’95
Edward SammlerMay 19Father of Michael Sammler, ’87 and Sean Sammler, ’88
Olena LylakMay 19Mother of Markijan Lylak, ’00
John WeiderMay 17Father of Sean Weider, ’90
Lena RagneMay 14Mother of Ralph Ragne, ’70
Sebastian J. DiMaggio, ’78May 9
James DeleguardiaMay 9Brother of Richard Deleguardia, ’65
Tommy KakarantzasMay 9Father of Dean Kakarantzas, ’26 and Sam Kakarantzas, ’26
Wilson T. Crandall, ’61May 6
Anatole SydelinkMay 4Father of Scott Sydelink, ’97
Dan LutherApril 30Father of Carl Luther, ’20
Mary Ellen DuganApril 25Mother of David Dugan, ’89
Paul L. Weis, ’59April 24Brother of Peter Weis, ’68
John GaneyApril 24Father of J. Timothy Ganey, ’74 and Michael Ganey, ’77
Francesco DiSalvoApril 24Father of Joseph DiSalvo, ’93
Joanne O’DonnellApril 22Wife of William O’Donnell, ’60
Jack L. Keenan III, ’66AprilBrother of Robert Keenan, ’67
William R. Faucette, ’87April 21
John JudgeApril 21Father of Fr. Phil Judge, S.J.
Joseph SchumacherApril 19Father of David Schumacher, ’77 and Michael Schumacher, ’87
Debra BurgartApril 17Sister of Stephen Burgart, ’74 and Gregory Burgart, ’78
Maureen LerchApril 15Mother of Donald Lerch, ’82
John LaingApril 14Father of James Laing, ’03
Anita StefanoApril 11Mother of James Stefano, ’75
Christine FreyApril 9Mother of Michael Frey, ’84, John Frey, ’86, and Philip Frey, ’87.
Grandmother of Philip Frey, ’23
Robert Eckl, ’64April 6
Jon HillMarch 27Father of Peter Hill, ’78
Mary FischerMarch 27Wife of Joseph Fischer, ’58
Gary ParisiMarch 24Faculty member and coach
Joseph P. Gagliano, ’64March 21Brother of Nino Gagliano, ’60 and Uncle of Nino Gagliano Jr., ‘1982
Nancy McDermottMarch 20Mother of Peter McDermott, ’85
Thomas HanleyMarch 14Father of James Hanley, ’75
Marianne LaGattutaMarch 12Mother of Jack LaGattuta, ’86
Julia MarquezMarch 11Mother of current staff member, Angelo Figueroa
Mary Ann MulhernMarch 8Mother of Mike Mulhern, ’77 and Terry Mulhern, ’80
Marilyn Galley March 8Mother of Paul Galley, ’83, Kenneth Galley, ’86, and Charles Galley, ’87
William J. O’Donnell ’60 March 7
Paul BrayerMarch 5Father of Paul Brayer, ’72
Susan Rose Hammond March 4Mother of Andrew Hammond, ’95
Tom Deane, ’68February 28
N. Edward SchneiderFebruary 25Father of N. Edward Schneider, ’94
Barbara MahoneyFebruary 22Mother of Martin Mahoney, ’79
Irene EassaFebruary 18Mother of Ehab Eassa, ’83, Hesham Eassa, ’84, and Sharif Eassa, ’86
William PulsiferFebruary 16Father of Peter Pulsifer, ’73 and James Pulsifer, ’75
Jeanne BarrettFebruary 16Mother of Randall Barrett, ’71
Robert D. Hilbert, ’60February 13Brother of William J. Hilbert, ’63
John VelekkakanFebruary 12Father of John Velekkakan, ’04
Thomas Mulhern February 8Father of Mike Mulhern, ’77 and Terry Mulhern, ’80
Betty HurleyFebruary 5Mother of John Hurley, ’72, Jerry Hurley, ’77, and Tim Hurley, ’85.
Grandmother of Alec Hurley, ’06, Ethan Hurley, ’08, and Daniel Leisner, ’14.
William CarreoFebruary 4Father of Paul Carreo, ’94
James ScarnatiFebruary 3Father of James Scarnati, ’84
Ernest L. Hughes Jr., ’69February 3
Anthony NelsonFebruary 3Father of Gordon Nelson, ’17
Gary “Gus” BrownJanuary 30Former Faculty Member
John DenneeJanuary 29Father of Paul Dennee, ’81, Tim Dennee, ’83, Ted Dennee, ’85, and Andy Dennee, ’87
Kathleen MaleJanuary 22 Mother of John Male, ’82
George Gibson Jr.January 21Father of Jason Gibson, ’90
Michael Howe, ’70January 18
Beatrice HackJanuary 20Mother of John Hack, ’92
Michael P. Howe, ’70January 18Brother of Stephen Howe, ’73
Michael Pigott, ’72 January 17 Brother of Stephen Pigott, ’62, Eugene Pigott, ’64, and Marty Pigott, ’81
Cathy PernaselliJanuary 16Mother of John Pernaselli, ’93 and Michael Pernaselli, ’95
Ana LaudadioJanuary 15Wife of Brian Laudadio, ’88
Peter C. Pecor, ’64January 12
Thomas ReczekJanuary 11Father of Dave Reczek, ’88
Linda FasinoJanuary 9Mother of Richard Fasino, ’89
John F. Vassallo Jr., ’60January 8
Juliana BuckJanuary 7Mother of John Buck, ’85 and Rich Buck, ’89
W. Faye SchindlerJanuary 3Mother of Roland Schindler,’85 and Michael Schindler,’88
Howard R. Lyboldt, ’58JanuaryBrother of John R. Lyboldt, ’74
Anne LaneDecember 31Mother of David Lane, ’72, Kevin Lane, ’74, and Matthew Lane, ’90
Vincent P. Clark, ’68December 30
Ana LewandowskiDecember 28Mother of Steve Lewandowski, ’85
Arlene KoernerDecember 27Mother of Richard Koerner, ’69 and James Koerner, ’72
Jonathan R. Huber, ’98December 26
Clarence DanglerDecember 23Father of Paul Dangler, ’72 and John Dangler, ’78
Peter M. Wilson, ’87December 19
John D. Henry, ’62December 15
Giacomo (Jack) AchilleDecember 14Father of Steven Achille, ’86 and Thomas Achille, ’76. Former faculty member 1956-1992.
Peter GekasDecember 13Father of Alexis Gekas, ’91
Jolita FornutoDecember 11Mother of David Fornuto, ’19
Philip DaggarDecember 8Father of Phil Daggar, ’84, Joel Daggar, ’88, and Jonathan Daggar, ’94
Damian J. Paonessa, ’83December 7Brother of Joseph T. Paonessa, ’83
Robert E. Allen, ’64December 5Brother of John W. Allen, ’62
Barbara SeymourDecember 4Mother of Stephen R. Seymour, ’72, Lucien P. Seymour, ’74, and Donald P. Seymour, ’79

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