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They say, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” This phrase is certainly resonating with me in more ways than one at present. Like many parents this fall, I am sending my first child off to college. It is a process that has me beaming with pride one moment and then overwhelmingly hollow the next. Letting go is hard. Have I done all I could to prepare her? Not only in these last few weeks but in the last 18 years? I say “I” but of course this is a “we” – the circle. We, being her parents, our extended family, our closest of friends, the countless members of our school and church communities, and the list goes on. Of course we have, and now the rest is up to her. Letting go is hard but there is comfort in knowing the circle remains and will always be with her wherever she goes.   

During these past 18+ months, we have missed the freedom to carry on socially as we always have, especially when it comes to hosting events, planning large gatherings, and traveling about the country to visit with alumni and close members of the McQuaid community. Staying connected is what keeps us energized and feeling whole. Despite the challenges, it has been heartwarming to see our community creatively find ways to stay connected. Knights continue to come together for reunions, golf outings, milestone family gatherings, and virtual events. It makes me smile to see that the circle remains strong.

And so, as we all navigate through another not completely back to normal school year, we are focused on planning for the best case scenario while knowing we must remain adaptable. We are looking forward to seeing our McQuaid families gather on and off campus and when the timing is right, traveling and reconnecting in-person with alumni and friends across the country. Until then, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support of our young men and McQuaid Jesuit’s mission which remains as strong as ever. Near or far – we are Always U-Knighted.      

Gratefully yours,

Kristie Robertson-Coyne
Vice President of Advancement

Advancement Staff

Ms. Lia Locey
Advancement Services Coordinator
Mr. Casey MacClaren, '12
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations
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Director of Communications
Mrs. Kristie Robertson-Coyne
Vice President of Advancement
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Director of Special Events & Parent Relations