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Start strong. Finish stronger.

The month of September marks the start of a “new” year for many of us.
Students, faculty, staff, parents…all of us excited (and maybe a little
anxious) about the beginning of a new school year. While many of us take
to the task of planning, preparing, even shopping, in anticipation of a fresh
start, I often must remind myself of the importance of mindful preparations
as well.

Strong mind. Strong body. Strong plan – for what I hope to accomplish this
year. It’s all about goals – regardless of our age, our position, our tenure.
How will I start? Where do I hope to finish? Every year brings with it its
share of opportunities and challenges.

Whatever the year may bring for us, individually or as teams, I challenge
each of us to the following:

1) Start strong – establish goals – academically, athletically, through
acts of service, and self-expression.
2) Be open minded to new opportunities.
3) Anticipate challenges and don’t let them defeat you.
4) Find something that is meaningful to you – commit to improvement,
and finish knowing you are stronger than when you began.

In advancement, our plan is clear. Our goals are set. We enter the year
energized knowing we are surrounded by a strong community of faculty,
staff, alumni, parents, and friends, all united around one mission…ensuring
our students have or will obtain access to what they need to thrive at
McQuaid Jesuit and beyond.

This plan can only be successful if you are a part of it. Thank you for your
gifts and commitments that have permitted us to start this year strong and
will no doubt, allow us to finish stronger.
With gratitude,

Kristie Robertson-Coyne
Vice President of Advancement


Advancement Staff

Mr. Robert Kopacz
Director of Major Gifts & Planned Giving
Mr. Casey MacClaren, '12
Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations
Mrs. Kristie Robertson-Coyne
Vice President of Advancement
Mr. Alosha Sytnik
Advancement Services Financial Specialist
Ms. Heather Whiting
Director of Special Events & Parent Relations
Mr. David Yates
Director of Communications