Gold Card

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Gold Card Frequently Asked Questions

Your son’s Gold Card will serve not only as his student identification but his only means of purchasing items from the cafeteria. The Gold Card can also be used to make purchases at vending machines and in the bookstore. Vending machines and the bookstore will continue to accept cash or card, but the cafeteria will only accept payment via your son’s Gold Card.  Vending machines will charge a .10 surcharge on Gold Card and credit card usage.

New in-coming students will receive their Gold Card at iPad distribution. In the event, your son is unable to make that date, he will have the option of securing a new card from the Finance Office. Please note that a new Gold Card is not issued every year, so any returning students should already have a Gold Card in their possession.  There is a fee for a replacement card.

Funds for immediate use can be put on a Gold Card in two ways:
• Replenish with a credit/debit card on the McQuaid Jesuit website under “Quick Links” on the school’s internet homepage. There will be a $2 banking fee for utilizing this feature.
• Replenish with cash (bills only) or credit/debit card at the Gold Card kiosk, affectionately known as Iggy, located outside the cafeteria’s main doors.

Any student who needs a replacement card, be it lost or damaged, will need to visit the Finance Office. They will have access to verify a positive balance on the card and will be able to print you a new card. Your first replacement card is provided free of charge, but any subsequent replacement card will incur a processing fee.

Each student’s Gold Card is allowed to have a negative balance of up to $10. This enables a student to still purchase items for that lunch period, but the cafeteria cashier will keep the Gold Card upon check out. Those cards will then transition to the Finance Office for retrieval by the student. An overdrawn card will only be returned when a positive minimum balance of $30 has been replenished via the online portal. The Finance Office will have the ability to view each student’s Gold Card balance, but he or she will be unable to add funds to your son’s Gold Card.

How to use

We have a parent portal for student Gold Cards. A link to the portal can be found under “Quick Links” on the McQuaid website homepage. Login requires a McQuaid student ID# (found on the front of the Gold Card) and a password, which is set to the student’s last name.

Within this portal, money can be added to a student’s account and account balances and transactions can be viewed.

**For security reasons, the option to schedule recurring credit card deposits will not be offered and credit card information will not be stored.**

Low balance alerts will be sent to parents’ primary email addresses when student balances fall to $10 or less. Parent email information is able to be managed within the portal found under the settings icon. The portal also includes an option to suspend a student’s card if lost or stolen.

A Gold Card kiosk has been installed outside of the cafeteria! Students can use this kiosk to check their gold card balance, make sure their gold card is active, and add money to their account with cash (bills only) or credit/debit cards.