A central aspect of McQuaid Jesuit is the sense of community shared by students, faculty, and staff. For students, this is commonly referred to as “brotherhood.” Mission and Ministry supports this bond shared by community members by bringing a unique, dynamic Jesuit approach to a variety of programs.

Agape Latte was brought to McQuaid Jesuit by Angus Chase ’19 and Yonatan Yemane ’19 after attending Ever to Excel. The program was begun at Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Center.

Several times per year, a member of the faculty/staff shares a story about their own faith journey and how they have experienced God in their life. The entire McQuaid Jesuit community is invited to attend.

“Agape” is a Greek word for a kind of love that seeks nothing in return. Below are videos from our ongoing Agape Latte series.

Agape Latte 18:  “Yes, And”

Agape Latte 17:  “How Did I Get Here?”

Agape Latte 16:  “Finally, Brothers”

Agape Latte 15:  “Come and See”

Agape Latte 14:  “The Shapes and Sizes of God”

Agape Latte 13.0: “The Journey, Mine and Yours”


Agape Latte 12.0: “Dear Clayton”

Agape Latte 11.0: “The One Story”

Agape Latte 10.0: “I’ve Never Walked Alone”

Agape Latte 9.0: “My ‘Spine-Chilling’ 2020”

Agape Latte 8.0: “My Rock”

Agape Latte 7.0: “Finding the Diamonds in the Rough”

Agape Latte 6.0: “The Gatorade Dump”

Agape Latte 5.0: “Handling Life’s Challenges” by Mr. Tim Nally ’67

Agape Latte 4.0: “Doubly Blessed” by Frau

Agape Latte 3.0: “Santa’s Elves” by Mr. Dan Brady

Agape Latte 2.0: “Finally, McQuaid” by Mrs. Alba Lupia

Agape Latte 1.0: “My Life Through McQuaid” by Mr. Tom Sprague

All student retreats are directed by members of McQuaid Jesuit faculty, staff, and administration. Each Retreat Director participates in Ignatian formation prior to the retreat experiences and throughout the academic year. The Retreat Director guides his/her team in planning the retreat and, in doing so, helps fulfill a critical aspect of the school’s Jesuit mission.

The Middle School Mission and Ministry Board (MSMMB) is a student-led organization which  develops spiritual leadership and brotherhood of the middle school students at McQuaid Jesuit.  The MSMMB lead at class Masses, the Middle School justice activities, movie nights, fundraisers, making bagged lunches for the homeless, visiting the elderly when it is safe to do so.

Each summer, the Office of Mission and Ministry nominate students to attend Ever to Excel, a weeklong program at Boston College that immerses students from Jesuit schools across the globe in Jesuit spirituality, leadership, and education. Upon completion of the program, students have remarked “I had the chance to listen and admire numerous guest speakers that brought new meaning to how I connect with God…I met new people and made friendships that would last a lifetime… It was the best week of my life.” To participate in this truly life changing experience, stop by Mission and Ministry or contact Mr. Nathan Drahms.

The Cannonball Club is a made up of a group of McQuaid Jesuit students who have expressed an interest in learning more about the Catholic priesthood. The group currently meets once per month for reflection, sharing, and discernment. For a video with information about the journey to becoming a Jesuit priest, click here. Please contact Mr. Christian Verghese, S.J., Director of Christian Service, for more information.