Financial Aid

Our Financial Aid Mission

A McQuaid Jesuit education is a priceless investment in a young man’s future.  McQuaid Jesuit is committed to making a Jesuit education available and affordable to qualified students who demonstrate a financial need. 


  • we award approximately $2 million in financial aid annually
  • 32% of our student body receives  financial aid
  • $7,500 is the average award granted to qualifying students
  • all families will pay a portion of the annual tuition

Financial aid makes the tremendous value of a McQuaid Jesuit experience affordable.

Applying for Financial Aid

Returning students must apply for financial aid by January 31, 2020


McQuaid Jesuit awards financial aid for a period of one academic year, therefore, you must apply for financial aid each year your son attends McQuaid Jesuit.  In conjunction with FAST,  an external agency that assists us in processing your application,  the process is simple.  Here is a worksheet to get you started.

FAST online application

  • Fill out the online form using information from your current tax return.
  • Include any other additional information that you feel would be beneficial in assessing your family’s financial need/situation.
  • Please mail or upload copies of your completed Federal (1040) tax return, W-2’s and supporting documents (Schedules A, C, SE, etc.), as appropriate.

(Financial information is required of both parents whether the couple is married, single or divorced.)

Independent School Management
Attn: FAST Processing
1316 North Union Street
Wilmington, DE 19806


Please take the time to find out more.

Schedule an appointment or phone call at your convenience.

If you have additional questions, please contact

Mrs. Jennifer Roxstrom, P’13, Financial Aid Coordinator