Mobileserve Hours Submission

*MobileServe Update – All service hours must be submitted to MobileServe within the semester they are completed. Any hours from over the summer must be submitted by October 1, 2023.

MobileServe is McQuaid Jesuit’s online platform for tracking and reporting volunteer hours. All students are expected to create an account with MobileServe to submit and track their service hours. Using MobileServe is a service free to all McQuaid students.

You can sign up for an account at MobileServe’s website by following the simple steps listed below. You can access MobileServe from any internet-connected device such as a laptop or desktop via their website. Students are also encouraged to download their app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play, to their school-issued iPads. Downloading the app to your cell phone is also encouraged as this will allow you to submit service hour logs right on site after finishing some volunteering!

Creating Your Account:

1. Download and open the MobileServe app or go to their website and select Sign Up

2. Enter your name, and birthday, and create a password. For the ‘Employer/School’ box please enter McQuaid and for the ‘Email’ box please enter your McQuaid student email address ( Accounts should be created under the name of a McQuaid Jesuit student, not their parents. If parents have multiple sons enrolled at McQuaid each son must have his own MobileServe account

3. Select Next 

4. Add an optional photo to your profile

5. Select Next

6. On the next page, click on the box at the top that says ‘Enter Org Code.’ Each McQuaid Jesuit class has a corresponding code that must be entered when you sign up, so you are properly entered into the McQuaid system. If you do not enter this code, you will not appear in the McQuaid MobileServe online system, and your service hours cannot be approved. The class codes for each grade are below; please find and enter yours:

Class of 2024 – 8CCA2A   

Class of 2025 – 53FADD

Class of 2026 – ACAB90       

Class of 2027 – 2F8AFB

Class of 2028 – 2CB735

Class of 2029 – 9622E4

Class of 2030 – EA622B

7. Once you enter your class code select Join

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your account!

Once you have followed the above steps you should be able to access your account and start adding hours! If you have problems or questions check out MobileServe’s support center or contact Mr. Adam Baber at or Mrs. Weidmann at

MobileServe FAQ’s

If you submitted hours and they do not immediately appear as approved in your account do not worry. It usually takes some time for submitted hours to get approval. Over the summer this can take longer. If you have specific questions about approval for your submitted hours contact Mr. Baber or Mrs. Weidmann in Mission and Ministry.

Yes. Service hours must be submitted within the semester they are completed. Hours submitted outside this time frame may not be approved at the discretion of Mission and Ministry staff.

The process for submitting hours is the same whether you are using the platform on a desktop or laptop or if you are accessing the platform through the app. You can check out MobileServe’s website and watch the video “Easily Create and Verify Service Logs” to get a video demo on how to record hours. Step by step instructions are below:

  1. Go to the main page of your account and click ‘Log My Hours’ or on the phone app it might say ‘Begin Serving’
  2. Input the date and the number of hours you volunteered
  3. The next box should say ‘Service Org,’ here please enter the name of the organization or group you volunteered with
  4. Next, please choose a category for your service hours. If they fall under one of the themes please select the appropriate theme, or if they do not fall under any theme you can select ‘Other/General Service Hours.’ If you are a Middle Schooler please always choose ‘Middle School Service Hours.’ ALWAYS SELECT A CATEGORY! If no category is selected your hours will not show up in the McQuaid system.
  5. In the ‘Tell Your Story’ box please add one or two sentences describing the kind of work you did.
  6. Lastly, provide a supervisor name and email when you submit the hours, to verify your hours.

Theme Hours are the different types of service required of students so they can encounter a variety of people and social issues through volunteering. The requirements are 10 hours for the Freshman theme, and 20 hours each for Sophomore and Junior. To see more details on the themes please return to the Christian Service page.

You can see if those requirements have been met by going on your MobileServe account and going to ‘Service Resume.’ You may be asked to reenter your username and password, please do so if prompted. Once there, you will need to check the box next to ‘McQuaid Jesuit.’ Then you can choose the service theme or category you wish to see your current hour total for. Choose a category, make sure the date range is correct, and then click ‘View Resume.’

No one else can submit hours to a student’s account for them. Any hours a student wants to count for school-mandated volunteer hours must be submitted by that student. This requires more diligence and accountability from all students in keeping track of their service hours.

No, students do not need a smartphone to use the new system. Students can access MobileServe’s website through any laptop, desktop, or internet connected device and they can download the MobileServe app to their McQuaid-issued iPads.

In order to verify service hours:

  1. Email: Provide the name and email of the person who supervised you while you volunteered. You can inform them that they will receive an email from the MobileServe team where they can verify your hours.


No, MobileServe is free to use for all McQuaid Jesuit students.

No. There are no situations or volunteer commitments that can count for ‘double hours.’

If you submitted hours a while ago, as in over a month ago, and they still have not been approved the problem may be that you incorrectly submitted them. When submitting hours you must always select a “Category” for those hours such as “Middle School Service Hours,” “Senior Capstone Hours,” etc. If no category is selected for a submission then it will not appear within the McQuaid system for approval.

If you submitted hours without a category please go into MobileServe, go to the menu, go to “Activity,” select the necessary service log, and edit it to include a category.