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Alumni Association representative and McQuaid Trustee, Joe Doyle, ’02 sat down with McQuaid Jesuit President, Steve Salluzzo, ’90, P ’18 to learn more about who he is and the vision he has for McQuaid’s future.


The Alumni Association was formed in conjunction with the Alumni Relations & Advancement Committee as established by the McQuaid Jesuit Board of Trustees. The committee is comprised of alumni, McQuaid administration, and members of the Board of Trustees.

The alumni members of the committee represent each decade of McQuaid’s history and as such have been designated “Decade Leads.” Each individual class year will have one or two representatives that have volunteered as champions for their class, they are designated as “Class Correspondents.” Class Correspondents are you direct line to the alumni association. They will communicate to and from the Decade Leads allowing for clear and quick communications. This also give your class a greater voice when it comes to how McQuaid can best serve you through events, communications, and networking opportunities! Below is a list of Decade Leads and current Class Correspondents. If you don’t see a Correspondent by your class year, that means we need your help! Please feel free to contact your Decade Lead if you have interest in volunteering for your class. Thank you!


Decade Leads

Decade LeadYearsContact
Marty Molinari, '601958 -
Bob Fox, '601958 -
Bill Gibbons, '791970 -
John Scatterday1980 -
Christopher Schott, '841980 -
Greg Woodard, '881980 -
Anthony DiTucci, '921990 -
Mike Linehan, '981990 -
Joe Doyle, '022000 -
Ryan Duffy, '002000 -
Emery Lewis, '062000 -
Casey MacClaren, '122010 -
Ben Bogdan, '172010 -

Class Correspondents

1958Jack Podsiadlo & Philip Yawman
1959Gerry Sokolski
1960Marty Molinari & Bob Fox
1961Paul Knipper
1962Tim McMahon & Don Robinson
1963Tom Maier & Mike Griffin
1965Jerry Nassella & Chuck Kober
1967Mark Boylan
1968Bill Cherry
1969Greg Smith
1971Jim Knipper
1973Denis Hogan & Matt Weider
1974John Quinn
1976Tom Huber & Anthony Quercia
1978Larry Magguilli
1979Lem Rogers & Jerry Noeth
1980John Scatterday
1981Mike Garland & Reed Lifka
1982Jim Jenkins & Matthew Huggins
1983John Anderson
1984Greg Allison
1985Chris McGuire
1986Ted Panczyszyn & Judd Dry
1988Jeremy Insull
1989Steve Ralph
1990Andy Dvonch
1991Patrick Ahern
1992Joe Talbot
1994Mike Maida
1995Joe DiPasquale
1996Andy Conroy
1997Scott Bryant
1998Tom Seymour
1999Rich Owens
2000Nicholas Piehler
2001Sean Rickard
2002Tony Terradas
2003Matt Sydor
2004Mason Baziw
2005Ryan Schwedfeger
2006Tyler Ellis
2007J. D. Maas
2008Andy Schrader
2010Conner Boillat
2011Christian Verghese
2012Alec Belmore
2013Cory Parker
2015Connor Maloney
2016Jack Milko
2017Ben Bogdan
2018Tyler Bergeron
2023Matthew Vita