During the academic year, McQuaid Jesuit students, along with female students from area high schools, present two major theater productions, one comedy or drama and one musical. Casting for these shows is open to students in grades 9 through 12; however, certain shows may call for middle school students as well. There also is a need for students interested in the technical aspects of theater, including set construction, lighting, and sound.

2020 Spring Production

Lerner & Loewe’s My Fair Lady
March 11-14, 2020
7:30 p.m.
Fr. Hogenkamp, S.J. Auditorium
Wednesday: $8.00
Thursday – Saturday: $12 Adults | $10 Students


Dear My Fair Lady Production Parents,

Would you please consider placing a “One Liner” in honor of your son or daughter in this year’s program? “One Liners” are simply notes of congratulations, well-wishing, and encouragement (less than 20 words). The cost is $15 to place a “One Liner” in the program. Please fill out the form below by March 1 to ensure your “One Liner” is included in the program. Should you not be able to submit payment information online, please mail or deliver a paper copy of your “One Liner” to Patrick DePippo, ’05 to the Receptionist’s Office with cash or a check payable to McQuaid Jesuit High School, attention Patrick DePippo. On behalf of the cast, crew, and musicians, we thank you for your support.


Mr. Patrick DePippo, ’05

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Eliza DoolittleTeagan Dye
Henry HigginsMax Kresock
Alfred P. DoolittleTom Crowley
Colonel PickeringSam Goodwin
Mrs. PearcePaige Spiehler
Freddy Eynsford-HillSpencer Dovi
Mrs. HigginsBella Germani
Mrs. Eynsford-HillMary Rion
Cockney Quartet
Tenor 1Noah Baisch +*
Tenor 2Cole Karnisky +*
BaritoneZach Hill +
BassPayton Petkus +
Professor Zoltan KarpathyCharles Laniak +
HarryDan Hanna +*
JamieNoah Baisch +*
Mrs. HopkinsEmma Grace Wade +
GeorgeGabriel Cote +
Sextet (Servant's Chorus)
First MaidAva Clarcq +*
Second MaidIsabella Kunde +*
Third MaidBella Wahl +
Fourth MaidIsabella D'Alessandro +
Higgins' FootmanCole Karnisky +*
Higgins' ButlerZach Hill +
Busker 1Sean Beechy +*
Busker 2Megan Gearinger +*
Bystander p. 3Sunny Verma +
Bystander p. 3 (part 2)Owen Denker +*
Bystander p. 5Liam McKenzie +
Bystander p. 6Garrett Wood +
Lord BoxingtonAiden Aguirre +
Lady BoxingtonSarah Teague +
Selsey ManConnor Kresock +*
Hoxton ManCorbin Ferguson +*
CharlesJamie Kosten +
Policeman 1Roan McAuley +
Policeman 2Liam McKenzie +
Queen of TransylvaniaEmmaline Tucker +
Flower GirlMegan Gearinger +*
Ball Footmen/Ascot StewardsDan Robinson III +
Aiden Blatter +*
Sunny Verma +
Angry Woman I-2Olivia Robertson +*
Angry Man I-2Roan McAuley +
Queen's Escort I-10Owen Denker +*
Dr. Themistocles Stephanos I-10Dom Mruzek +
Mrs. Higgins' Maid II-5Riley Leibeck +*
Sir Reginald Tarrington I-10Sean Beechy +*
Lady Tarrington I-10Olivia Robertson +*
Eliza DoolittleIsabella Kunde +*
Henry HigginsSpencer Dovi
Freddy Eynsford-HillCharles Laniak +
Professor Zoltan KarpathyGabriel Cote +

+ Ensemble Singer
* Dancer