Academic Center

The Academic Center’s main purpose is to provide a quiet and structured environment for students to study with the availability of support. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Resource Room classes are held in the Academic Center each period during the school day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers who have concerns regarding a student’s progress should contact the student’s counselor as an initial step.  The teacher and counselor will then work together with the Director of the Academic Center and parents, to address a student’s needs. There are various levels of support available.

Parents may also initiate a support plan by contacting the student’s counselor directly.

General Support

  • Study and organizational skills, course specific support
  • These students benefit from clarification and review of content, enhancement of skills, as well as additional practice and support
  • Support is of limited nature and time frame.
  • Students may come during Flex, after school, or may receive a pass to meet with Academic Center teachers once or twice a cycle

Academic Intervention Services /AIS

  • Academic support on a daily basis
  • AIS is a scheduled course in lieu of an elective. It carries an S/U grade.
  • AIS is a one year support program for identified students.
  • AIS provides academic support, improves study skills, and reinforces/clarifies concepts presented in course materials.
  • Students work with teachers to help manage long term assignments, completing/understanding novels and writing essays.
  • In addition to the Academic Center teachers, other support may be added for specific course work.

Resource Room/IEP support

  • Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) receive services through Brighton School District/BOCES as part of their class schedule and as indicated on their IEP.
  • Most students meet daily, though accommodations required vary.
  • The teachers from BOCES and/or Brighton meet with students in a designated area of the Academic Center.
  • The Resource Room teachers provide progress reports in written correspondence with parents, though a grade of S/U will appear on report cards.

 Private Tutors 

  • Independent private tutors are available for many subjects, including:  writing, math, science, history, French, Italian, Spanish and English.
  • These tutors are contracted by the parents.  Their fees are billed directly to parents.
  • The Director of the Academic Center may help facilitate the arrangement, on campus scheduling, group formation, and financial aid issues.
  • Academic Center may be used for the tutoring sessions, thereby allowing students to remain on campus.
  • Title I Students may receive services in the Academic Center.
  • All students may use the Academic Center during Flex or after school.
  • During class time, however, the space is reserved for those students who are in AIS, Resource Room, or have a scheduled meeting with an Academic Center teacher.
  • Teachers may send students to the Academic Center to make up tests if prior, specific, arrangements have been made.  Teachers are to bring test materials, with instructions, to the Academic Center.
  • The Academic Center is not intended to be a gathering place for students who do not have a specific academic purpose for being there.
  • Generally, the Academic Center stays open an hour or more after the end of school.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday until 4 p.m.
    • Wednesday (Early Dismissal) and Friday until 3 p.m.
    • These hours are subject to change due to exams, holidays, or other variations in the school schedule.