Academic Center

The mission of the Academic Center is to facilitate improved learning skills and enhanced academic performance in students through professional assessment, collaborative planning, and quality support services.

Program Details

The McQuaid Jesuit Academic Center is a “tutoring-based” effort that serves students of varying academic need. Working closely with members of the faculty and Counseling Department, the Academic Center staff assesses a student’s needs, develops plans to address those needs, and facilitates resources to achieve prescribed goals.

Individualized Education Programs

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are referred to the Academic Center under the direction of the Counseling Office. Students with documented learning differences/ special education needs have access to services through Brighton Central School (BCS) district’s BOCES program. The Academic Center staff assists in the implementation of IEPs and coordinates related services and accommodations with the BOCES.

Long-Term Academic Tutoring

Students with long-term academic needs are referred to the Academic Center based on their performance in previous academic periods, challenges in current classes, observations of teachers and counselors, and concerns of parents and guardians. The Academic Center has developed a directory of veteran tutors who assist students through ongoing tutoring relationships. Space and other resources are provided in the Academic Center. Tutoring relationships are contracted and financed individually between tutors and parents. Financial aid may be available.

Short-Term Academic Tutoring

Members of the Academic Center staff and the McQuaid Jesuit faculty are available in the Academic Center on a daily basis to help students develop study skills or grasp academic concepts. This option is open to all students and does not incur additional costs to parents.