Middle School

The McQuaid Jesuit Middle School is one of the very best middle school programs in New York State. We provide a nurturing environment and challenging approach. We offer strong Catholic education to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys who demonstrate academic promise and leadership potential.

  • The grades 6 – 8 program is committed to educating young men in the Jesuit Tradition, according to the teachings of St. Ignatius.
  • The middle school successfully provides the bridge to high school by teaching good study habits and work ethics.
  • We hone skills, values, relationships, and foundations for the future of each student.
  • The most critical skills include the ability to think reasonably; speak and write correctly and convincingly; and to perceive the interdependence between life and learning.
  • Through a rich and rewarding Christian Service Program, coupled with a spiritual Retreat Program, these young men begin their journey to self-awareness and develop their sense of caring and concern for others.
  • In a highly effective program such as ours, great teaching truly matters. Our talented, dedicated, compassionate teachers are instrumental in transforming a boy into a confident “Man for Others.”
  • Research clearly indicates that middle school is “make or break” time in several respects. In all we do, we recognize this is a pivotal stage in students’ intellectual development. Similarly, we value the crucial nature of the social, spiritual, and emotional growth of these boys.

A Supportive and Challenging Environment

The McQuaid Jesuit Middle School strikes an ideal balance: It is integral to McQuaid Jesuit yet maintains its own unique middle level approach. Similarly, it offers both a challenging and a nurturing environment for students. Housed in a separate wing of the school, the middle school is distinguished by features such as the atrium (as a gathering space for our students) and a middle school office and conference room. Every day, during Flex and recess, students have the opportunity to work together and to socialize with each other, as well as with their teachers. In these, and many other ways, students benefit from the cooperative spirit fundamental to middle school education.

An Approach Rooted in Teamwork and Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of McQuaid Jesuit. Respect governs all interactions and behaviors. We acknowledge the dignity and worth of one another and strive to value one another in our conduct and attitudes.

The middle school faculty is bolstered by a cohesive team approach — an essential factor in creating higher achievement, a vibrant school climate, and more regular contact with parents. The middle school team is unified by a common educational philosophy. At times, parents are invited to team meetings, or may request a meeting in order to address student concerns more directly.

Cura Personalis (Care for the Individual)

The philosophy of McQuaid Jesuit is to provide each student with challenging and thoughtful teaching, cura personalis, or care for the individual, and motivation in a spiritual environment. With a talented team of dedicated faculty, a caring, conscientious middle school office team, and numerous academic advisors, our students benefit greatly from the cura personalis (care for the individual) that is so fundamental to Jesuit education.

Strong Athletics & Diverse Activities

McQuaid offers modified teams (seventh & eighth graders) in football, soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, bowling, indoor track, lacrosse, and baseball. Middle school students also can compete on high school level teams after passing a physical fitness stress test.

Middle School students can participate in a myriad of high school clubs and activities, as well as those offered strictly to middle school students.

Academic Policies Specific to the Middle School

  • Students are required to fill out an accountability sheet (Blue Sheet) for each missed homework assignment. When a student has accumulated three blue sheets within a marking period (two blue sheets for art, computers, drama, and music), they will be turned in to the middle school office and emailed home, along with a letter from the dean of the middle school.
  • If a student compiles a third set of blue sheets in a single semester or fails a course for the marking period, he will be assigned to Mandatory Study Hall (MSH) during Flex. The student will be placed in MSH for a minimum of two weeks, and he will sign a contract that stipulates the guidelines of MSH and underscores the student’s commitment to reverse the present trend. A designated homeroom teacher will oversee Mandatory Study Hall.
  • Teachers will write all homework and long-term assignments on the side board for student viewing. Teachers also will post all assignments on Schoology. However, the use of Schoology does not supersede the student’s responsibility for accurate record keeping in his agenda.
  • Teachers will provide a written explanation of his/her grading system and other policies to the students and the parents during the first weeks of classes.