The Knights of McQuaid Jesuit are not here to receive a diploma. They are here to become a particular type of man — a McQuaid Jesuit man.

Since 1548, the Jesuits and their lay collaborators have been at the forefront of education in schools and universities around the world, and since 1954, McQuaid Jesuit has been a part of that tradition.

We strive to graduate young men who embody what we call the “Graduate at Graduation:” young men who are intellectually competentopen to growthreligiousloving, and committed to doing justice in their communities and our world.

By cultivating intellectual competence in a McQuaid Jesuit man, he not only is grounded in the traditional academic disciplines and the pursuit of excellence in them, but also an intrinsic, lifelong desire to learn and understand the world around him.

By encouraging a McQuaid Jesuit man to be open to growth, he takes responsibility for his own development, identifying his talents and his limitations and accepting both with humility.

In forming a McQuaid Jesuit man to be religious, he nurtures and deepens a faith life, examining his own beliefs and feelings in the context of a supportive community.

In challenging a McQuaid Jesuit man to be loving, he moves beyond self-centeredness in his relationships, and seeks to deepen those relationships. He focuses not just on his own achievement, but on his contribution to the world around him.

By eliciting a McQuaid Jesuit man’s commitment to doing justice, he develops the desire to meet the needs of local, national, and global communities in a world where too many of our brothers and sisters remain on the margins.