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Formation in a Jesuit school refers to the process of learning and embracing Ignatian Spirituality. Common to Jesuits and Lay Collaborators, formation in Ignatian Identity gives language, meaning, structure and purpose to our lives and the Mission of McQuaid Jesuit.

People recognize that McQuaid Jesuit possesses something attractive and compelling. Formation through Ignatian Identity and Mission & Ministry ensures knowledge of and appreciation for the compelling gifts of Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit Education.

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution following in the footsteps of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Mission & Ministry endeavors to be at the heart of every student’s McQuaid experience. Indeed, it is here that the Jesuit motto to form “men for and with others” is primarily accomplished.

To support the spiritual formation of our students, Mission & Ministry offers a variety of programming including retreats, liturgies, social justice initiatives, Christian service opportunities, service immersion experiences, and community events. We actively engage all students at every grade level in order to form a faith community that is open to growth, loving, religious, intellectually competent, and committed to justice.

Mission & Ministry is student-led and also assisted by adult members of the community. Our programming is thoroughly Jesuit in character and grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Following the example of our patron, St. Francis Xavier, all we do is ad majorem Dei gloriam: for the greater glory of God.

Meet the Team

Dr. Damian Zynda
(585) 256-6103
Curriculum Vitae

As Director of Mission and Ministry I oversee all functions of Ignatian formation, prayer and retreats, and service and justice, strengthening McQuaid Jesuit’s Catholic, Jesuit mission among all members of the school community.



Fr. Christopher Duffy, S.J.

Mr. Nathan Drahms

As Director of Retreats and Worship my contribution to the Mission of McQuaid Jesuit is leadership of our students’ spiritual formation through retreat and liturgical experiences rooted in Ignatian Spirituality.

Mr. Adam Baber
(585) 256-6129

As Director of Service and Justice my contribution to the Mission of McQuaid Jesuit is development of our students into young men for and with others who are committed to justice through social justice education, volunteer opportunities, and service immersion experiences.


Mrs. Annette Weidmann
(585) 256-6138

As Administrative Assistant I contribute to the Mission of McQuaid by offering hospitality to all who visit our offices, ensure the efficient operation of our offices and support my colleagues in our common Mission and Ministry. 

Fr. Jack Podsiadlo, S.J.

Mrs. Katie Terradas

As Coordinator of Middle School Service and Justice my contribution to the Mission of McQuaid Jesuit is to provide guidance and service opportunities  for our Middle School students. 


Mr. Chris Hood

As Coordinator of Middle School Retreats my contribution to the mission of McQuaid Jesuit is to provide students with unique retreat experiences that will enrich their spiritual growth during their middle school years.


Ms. Lena DeLuca

As Director of Sophomore Conversations, I connect families with faculty to tighten the bonds within our community and to give students an opportunity to take ownership of their McQuaid Jesuit experience.


Mr. Kevin Karnisky

As Director of Music Ministry my contribution to the Mission of McQuaid Jesuit is leadership of the Music Ministry Team, an ensemble of students, staff, and faculty that lead the community in song during liturgies and prayer services.