iPad Program

A tablet program gives students access to learn anytime, anywhere while providing them with the opportunity to develop the skills, tools, and experiences needed to be better prepared for college and beyond.


Apple’s ecosystem of high quality apps, strong reputation within the education field, and the iPad’s highly functional touch screen, long battery life, and user-friendly interface most closely suit our students’ learning needs as well as our teachers’ instructional needs in the classroom.

Digital resources, apps, and online texts will join our existing print resources as teachers research and request them.

In order to maintain a consistent classroom experience for all students, the iPad is required for students.

To provide a consistent learning experience, we require all students to use the iPad provided by the school. This ensures that we can quickly and legally deploy all of the necessary purchased apps to all devices; properly protect students from accessing inappropriate content; and more easily troubleshoot problems that occur.

Should there be an issue, loaner iPads are available for sign out in the Technology Office. Please note that loaner iPads will not be issued to students who forget their iPad at home or who have a low battery.

Students must report a non-functioning or damaged iPad to the Technology Office within one school day. The AppleCare deductible will be billed to families before service is rendered. The deductible is $49 for the first two incidents of damage and $249 for the third incident of damage. Damage is determined at the sole discretion of the director of technology.

An iPad that is lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the Technology Office. The Technology Office can attempt to track lost iPads through the “Find My iPad” functionality built into the device. Students should not turn this functionality off for any reason.

Families are responsible for the cost of replacing an iPad that is lost, stolen, or not covered under AppleCare warranty.

Manufacturing defects for iPad keyboard cases will be covered under warranty. Physical damage to the keyboard case will void this warranty. Only (keyboard) cases which have been approved by McQuaid Jesuit may be installed on the iPad. Replacement (keyboard) cases must be reviewed and approved by the Technology Office prior to installation.

All iPads will be replaced with the newest model available following three years of use.  All students will have the same model of iPad to ensure equity of access to resources.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk by phone at (585) 256-6161 or by email at ipads@mcquaid.org.

Replacement/Repair Request Form