State Textbooks

New York State, by way of home school districts, provides certain textbooks-on-loan for their students. State textbooks are distributed to students during orientation or on the first days of classes.

Students are responsible for ensuring that state textbooks remain in good condition. If a book is damaged or lost, the student will be responsible for replacing the book as if it were new. In addition, students may never write in or mark up state textbooks, and all books must be covered. Adhesive book covers are never allowed; use of an adhesive cover will result in damage charges. Stretch covers should be the correct size (many of our texts require the jumbo size), lest the book’s binding rip. Covers made from paper shopping bags or heavy duty craft paper are recommended.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform Mrs. Roxstrom if they discover writing on state textbooks that has not been blocked out. If a student feels that a book is wearing excessively or has been damaged, he should bring it to the attention of Mrs. Roxstrom promptly to avoid future fines for damages he did not cause.

Please contact Jennifer Roxstrom concerning any textbook issues.