Gold Card

Important information on the usage of Gold Cards

The McQuaid Jesuit Gold Card is issued to each student upon enrollment and can be used until graduation.

  • New cards are not issued each year.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged Gold Cards need to be reported to the Finance Office as soon as possible.
  • There is no charge for the first replacement card. If a student loses or forgets his card, a $5.00 fee is charged to his account for each new card printed.  This fee will be charged to his account before a new card can be issued.

The Gold Card is required for cafeteria purchases. It can also be used in the bookstore and all vending machines. Each student’s card is allowed to go negative up to $10.00. When a student’s Gold Card balance becomes negative, the cashier takes the card and gives it to the Finance Office for the student to retrieve when he can replenish the funds.

Funds can be put on a Gold Card using these methods:

  1. Replenish with cash, check or credit/debit card in the Finance Office
  2. Replenish with cash, check or credit/debit card in the Bookstore
  3. Replenish with a credit/debit card on the McQuaid Jesuit website under “Quick Links” on the homepage from any device
  4. Replenish with cash (bills only) or credit/debit card at Gold Card kiosk located outside the cafeteria

A $2 banking fee will be assessed on all Gold Card deposits made by credit/debit cards regardless of transaction site, except the Gold Card kiosk located outside the cafeteria.

Skip the line! A small, locked wooden box, deposit slips and envelopes are located outside of the Finance Office so that students are able to drop off cash or check deposits to their Gold Cards when the office is closed or if they are running short on time. Students should be sure to fill out the deposit slip legibly and seal the envelope with the slip and payment enclosed. This box is checked for deposits several times a day.


We have a parent portal for student Gold Cards. A link to the portal can be found under “Quick Links” on the McQuaid website homepage. Login requires a McQuaid student ID# (found on the front of the Gold Card) and a password, which is set to the student’s last name.



Within this portal, money can be added to a student’s account and account balances and transactions can be viewed.

**Please note:  When depositing money to a student’s Gold Card account with a credit card through the parent portal, you MUST click on the box “Click To Process Transaction” at the top of the page. This box is easy to miss and oftentimes the transaction appears to be complete.  If this box is not clicked, your credit card will be billed but the funds will not be transferred into our gold card system.**

**For security reasons, the option to schedule recurring credit card deposits will not be offered and credit card information will not be stored.**


Low balance alerts will be sent to parents’ primary email addresses when student balances are depleted. Parent email information is able to be managed within the portal found under the settings icon. The portal also includes an option to suspend a student’s card if lost or stolen.


A Gold Card kiosk has been installed outside of the cafeteria! Students can use this kiosk to check their gold card balance, make sure their gold card is active, and add money to their account with cash (bills only) or credit/debit cards.