Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association will be hosting a Welcome Back Mass and Pizza Dinner on Sunday, September 11.  For more information Click Here.


2022 Parent Survival Guide

April 2023 Newsletter

To the entire McQuaid family, 

Well, here we are at the end of the 3rd Quarter already, with Easter very soon and two inches of snow on the ground…. That means it MUST be April! 

Did you miss BASH??!? It was quite the party… thanks to every student, parent, teacher, donor, and tireless volunteer who made it a great night. You will have to wait another 50 years for an event like this was.

As we enter the final stretch of this school year, the Seniors are staring out the classroom windows, the 6th graders are getting restless, and the whole school is ready to finish stronger than we began. Thanks, parents, for making sure your sons are giving it 100%.

HERE is the 2022-23 calendar.


April 3-10
Easter break (no classes)

Fashion Show – Sunday, April 16,  11 a.m.
Please join us as the McQuaid Jesuit’s Parents’ Association breaks out the runway for fashion and fun!  The luncheon event and show will be held at The County Club of Rochester. Teachers, parents, and students will be hitting the runway, all modeling trends from local Rochester retailers. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy lunch, raffles, and fashion with friends all while supporting our school. Tickets for this much-loved event are $40, including lunch and one free drink ticket. To register, please click HERE !

LAST CALL for students to sign up for retreats!
Seniors: the final Wilderness Retreat of the year is April 14. Sign up here!

Juniors: the final Kairos Retreat of the year is April 19-22. Sign up here!

Sophomores: the final Emmaus Retreat of the year is April 25-27. Sign up here!

Administrative Professional’s Day – April 26
In recognition and appreciation for all the administrative staff does for our McQuaid school community, we will be celebrating National Administrative Professionals’ Day by providing them with treats and gift certificates. This is just a small way for us to demonstrate our gratitude. Please share your thanks with the staff the next time you are at McQuaid.

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon – Friday, April 28, 11 a.m.
The PA delighted to recognize the McQuaid faculty and staff for their amazing efforts on behald of our sons at the annual luncheon.  Parents and guardians are invited to support the Faculty/Staff luncheon by contributing gift cards in any denomination, donating funds in any amount for the purchase of gift cards from the McQuaid community of businesses, donating funds in any amount for the purchase of food and beverage, and/or volunteering to cater or assist with the event, which will take place at the school.  The PA is incredibly grateful for all donations in any amount as we strive to recognize the wonderful faculty and staff for their extraordinary work in forming our fine young men.  Sign up information coming soon!

Senior Mother Son Retreat – Sunday, April 30 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
The Senior Mother Son Retreat celebrates the unique bond between Mother and Son.  This special morning includes guided reflection on your 18 year journey together, and how the McQuaid Jesuit experience has formed the young men of the Class of 2023.  The reflection leads to Mass, a celebration of all that has been discovered and cherished in the morning of reflection.  The retreat concludes with lunch in the Carriero Commons (weather permitting).  The cost is $50 per couple, and you can click HERE to register! 

The last day to purchase a yearbook is April 21.  Please place orders before the deadline to ensure your son receives a book on Z Day.  Extra copies may be available in the bookstore after Memorial Day weekend while supplies last.  Online orders may be placed here

Our bookstore has the BEST Knights merch!!! Across from the John H. Ryan Jr. gymnasium. Please visit us on-line or in person. Contact Jennifer Roxstrom with questions.


Volunteer for McQuaid Parents’ Association 2022-2023
All parents/guardians of McQuaid students are part of the McQuaid Parents’ Association. Our PA Executive Committee is continually planning for activities and you are invited to become involved. Share your time and talents by volunteering as little or as much fits your schedule. Check the “Parent” tab on the McQuaid website regularly for opportunities. If you have any ideas of how we can better serve you, please contact us at  The hope is for our events calendar to be full again next year with in-person activities so we would love your help coordinating and promoting them.  We would love you to join our team of volunteers!  


Check out McQuaid’s Photo Galleries

Be sure to take a look at the photo galleries from recent McQuaid events, including the Mom Prom, 2022 Row for Hope, Grandparents Day, and BASH 2023. You can view the galleries HERE.

A Big Thank You

Thank you to all of the parents/guardians and families of the McQuaid community that support our events and activities throughout the year. Without your participation our events cannot be successful. A BIG thank you to all of the parents/guardians, family members and friends of McQuaid that volunteer their time, talent or treasure to the Parents’ Association, your generosity is felt by our entire community. 

Parents’ Association Board

Co-PresidentsMolly Coons, P '23
Carolyn Gerstner, P '21, '23
Vice-PresidentRobin Donlon, P '22, '25
SecretaryAllie Abbamonte, P '23
Cory Herrema, P '23, '24, '26
TreasurerSheila Lecce, P '26
Jessica Patel, P '22, '24
Director of Parent RelationsHeather Whiting, P '25, '28
ModeratorFr. Phil Judge, S.J.

PA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Mission Statement:
The McQuaid Jesuit Parents’ Association supports our sons’ pursuit of excellence, service, and justice. To do so, the Association serves as a liaison between the school and its families in order to organize meaningful events that strengthen the McQuaid community.

II. Responsibilities:

  1. Organize activities which will promote the school’s mission and simultaneously strengthen bonds between McQuaid students, their families, and faculty/staff.
  2. Continue to organize and improve programs/events that are established McQuaid traditions.
  3. Develop new and meaningful programs/events that are in keeping with the school’s mission, the needs of parents and students, and the current cultural climate.
  4. Serve as a conduit for open communication between parents and staff. But the PA does not, it is important to note, serve as a complaint board. The overarching purpose of the PA is to be a positive and enriching presence within the greater McQuaid community. Grievances should be directed to and will be addressed via email correspondence with one of the Officers or appropriate Standing Committee chairperson(s).

III. Membership:

  1. Every parent and/or legal guardian of a McQuaid student is considered to be a member of the Parents’ Association.
  2. Every parent and/or legal guardian of a McQuaid student may be nominated for and hold an Officer position.
  3. There are no dues for membership.

IV. Governance Structure:

  1. The current governing structure of the PA consists of the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the following officers: President and/or Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The PA Executive Committee will have two administrative Advisors (typically the President and Principal) who sit on the board and work closely with the PA to ensure consensus between the PA and administration, as well as between the PA and faculty/staff.
  3. The PA moderator (appointed by the president of McQuaid) oversees all General PA meetings held throughout the year.
  4. The Executive Committee serves and governs the PA as a whole.

V. Officers:

  1. Officers serve a term of two years, unless there are extenuating circumstances which require an officer to step down from his/her position. After an Officer’s term has expired, new candidates must be considered for the position, and if necessary, a vote shall be held. If there are no new candidates for said position, the incumbent may serve for one additional year, but not a full term.
  2. Former officers may run for another officer position within the Executive Committee, but this is not encouraged, as the PA should give as many McQuaid parents as is possible the ability to serve on the Executive Committee.
  3.  With respect to the previous points, officers are encouraged to seek out suitable candidates to replace them when their term is complete.
  4. Duties of the Officers: The PA officers will be expected to perform the following specific duties to the best of their abilities.
    1. Duties of the Presidents/Co-Presidents:
      1. Preside over Executive Board meetings and PA meetings.
      2. Serve as point of email and verbal contact between the PA and the Moderators, as well as administration/faculty, working closely with them to achieve the school’s mission and the PA’s goals as set forth each school year.
      3. Oversee and streamline content of PA website and monthly PA newsletter.
      4. Develop and solicit ideas to improve the PA’s events and McQuaid traditions.
      5. Ascertain that all Standing Committees are chaired, and all events are duly chaired/organized/staffed/executed.
      6. Determine Agenda(s) for all PA meetings and provide to Secretary in advance.
      7. Serve as a sponsor(s) of select Standing Committees.
      8. Manage PA Supply Closet and Inventory.
    2. Duties of the Vice President:
      1. Preside over Executive Committee and PA meetings when President/Co-Presidents are absent.
      2.  Assist President/Co-Presidents in all duties.
      3. Give input/advice regarding meeting agendas.
      4. Serve as a sponsor(s) of a select Standing Committee.
    3. Duties of the Treasurer:
      1. Give a summary of all PA income and expenses at the start of each PA meeting.
      2. Serve as point of email and verbal contact between PA and McQuaid Treasurer about expenditures and revenue.
      3. Keep documentation of all PA receipts and expense reports.
      4. Keep Executive Committee apprised of viable financing for proposed events.
      5. Communicate with appropriate chairpersons of both Standing Committees and events when needed.
      6. Serve as a sponsor(s) of select Standing Committees.
    4. Duties of the Secretary:
      1. Record the minutes of all Executive Committee and PA meetings. Send electronic copies of these minutes to Officers and Advisors following each meeting. Upload PA meeting minutes to PA website.
      2. Upload agenda to PA website prior to meeting. Also have hard copies of PA agenda prepared for distribution at meeting.
      3. Serve as a sponsor(s) of a select Standing Committee.
    5. Duties of the Advisors:
      1. Attend Executive Committee meetings at least bi-monthly. Attend PA meetings when necessary to give relevant updates to the parent community.
      2. Advise PA on viability of proposed events and programs.
      3. Keep Executive Board apprised of faculty/staff feedback regarding PA events and programs, helping to strengthen the relationship between parents and faculty/staff.
      4. Appoint appropriate internal faculty/administrative liaisons to each of the Standing Committees.
      5. Advise PA on correct faculty/staff point people for events/programs.

VI. Standing Committees:

There are seven (7) Standing Committees, each of which is presently sponsored by a PA officer. The committees are as follows: Social Events, Hospitality, Service, Spiritual, Education, Co-Ed Social Events for Students, and Communications.

  1. The chairperson(s) of each committee is solicited from the members of the PA, and has the following duties:
    1. The chairperson(s) of each committee organizes and attends their designated events, soliciting and directing committee members/volunteers as appropriate.
    2. The chairperson(s) is expected to communicate with their Standing Committee sponsor about general plans for each event.
    3. The chairperson(s) will report back to their Standing Committee sponsor after each event with attendance, outcome, and ways to improve the event for the next year.
    4. The chairperson(s) is expected to fill out an event summary sheet with the above information, and submit an electronic copy to both their Standing Committee sponsor and the PA secretary.
    5. The chairperson(s) should submit all receipts for their event to the McQuaid Treasurer, as well as inform the PA treasurer about expenditures and revenue, when applicable.
  2. The mission and duties of the Standing Committees are as follows:
    1. Social Events:  The primary responsibility of this committee is to oversee the signature Social Events within the McQuaid Jesuit Community, such as Mother’s Tea, Wine & Beer Party, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Mom Prom, and Father/Son Ballgame.
    2. Hospitality:  The primary responsibilities of this committee are to oversee and support all Hospitality (Open House, Advent Liturgy etc.) & Misc. Events (Administrative Professionals Day, Prospective Student Basketball Game) for the McQuaid Jesuit Community.
    3. Service:  The primary responsibility of this committee is to oversee Mothers for Others, as well as other PA service programs, such as My Brother’s Closet, etc.
    4. Spiritual:  The primary responsibility of this committee is to develop and organize spiritual events for the McQuaid community (Outdoor Welcome Liturgy, Advent Mother/Son Prayer Service, Father/Son Mass and Brunch, etc).
    5. Education:  The primary responsibilities of this committee are to arrange speakers for PA meetings, serve as PA representation at school events such as New Parent Orientations, and run the Barnes & Noble book fair.
    6. Coed Social Events for Students:  The primary responsibility of this committee is to work closely with the administration, staff, Executive Council and Class Officers to develop events/activities that give McQuaid students the opportunity to interact with young women.
    7. Communication:  The primary responsibility of this committee is to manage all PA communication, including but not limited to the website, correspondence to parents/faculty/staff in times of difficulty or bereavement, overseeing the Parent Ambassador program, and more.

VII. Meetings:

There are three types of PA meetings: Executive Board/Executive Committee Meetings, Parents Association Meetings, and Standing Committee Meetings.

  1. The Executive Board/Committee shall meet approximately one time per month throughout the year. These meetings are generally closed, but guests and Standing Committee chairpersons may be invited to sit in and collaborate. The advisors will ideally attend every other month, as determined by their schedule.
  2. The Parents Association shall meet five times over the course of the school year. These dates and times will be noted on the school calendar and PA website. These meetings are open to all members, faculty, and administration.
  3. Standing Committees are encouraged to meet at least once per semester, to assure that all committee members are on the same page about upcoming events. Chairpersons may invite guests at their discretion. Chairpersons are also encouraged to include the Committee sponsor and internal liaisons, but it is not necessary if lines of communication remain open.

VIII. Amendments to the Constitution:

  1. The PA Constitution must be reviewed by the Executive Committee every three years. The amended sections and/or document as a whole must be re-adopted by means of a vote at the next PA meeting.
  2. Amendments should be submitted to the PA Advisors for approval at least 30 days prior to the vote.
  3. Amendments may be passed by a vote of two-thirds of those present at said PA meeting. (Given the typically low numbers of parents present at any PA meeting, there is no set quorum.)